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Every once in a while, the tide of time changes where the world sees a new way of doing things. Saying that the saree industry is one of the greatest industries in our country with crores of business transactions taking place every day pan-India. In 2020, the world of sarees was introduced to its new player, the TANA BANA sarees and less than one year later into the game, Tana Bana revolutionized the saree industry and the upcoming saree styles. Let’s see how.

How Tana Bana revolutionized the upcoming saree styles?

Sarees designed specifically for a purpose:

There is one word that describes the Tana Bana sarees i.e. dazzle. Ideal for party wear and events that demand a little extra effort from its attendees. The makers of Tana Bana designed the sarees for women looking for the perfect saree to look their perfect selves. The diamond-like stones of the studded sarees give off an ethereal shine and make the wearer glow naturally.

Saree Styles that Stand the Test of Trends:

Let’s face it, the trends are moving at the pace of light speed. What’s in today may go out the window tomorrow. Not Tana Bana sarees though because they are timeless. Buy them once and they can still make you the centre of attention years after purchase.

Traditional designs mixed with top-quality glittering stones that do not lose their shine, ever.

Packaging that Stands the Test of Time:

When the sarees are so beautiful and elegant that they require a special packaging of their own, you know that their makers mean business. The sarees come packed in special packaging made with heavy materials that can stand all weather conditions and travel trips to destination weddings! Even after years, the sarees look as if they were brought yesterday!

Always in High Demand

The thing about passionately-made products is that their superior quality can be felt when they go into the buyer’s hands. Tana Bana sarees are amongst the highest selling sarees in the country with demand for the same keeps increasing at a substantial rate after every wedding season.


If you are looking for a seasonal special saree that befits your personality from top to bottom, then Tana Bana is the one for you. It is pure 6-yards of grace and panache that is difficult to ignore on any occasion. 

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