Gujarat’s Most Iconic Saree Brand: Tana Bana Sarees

Tana Bana Sarees, Gujarat’s most iconic saree brand is for the women to whom sarees represent more than just clothing.

What is Tana Bana?

Tana Bana is a brand under Julahaa Sarees that houses the most premium sarees studded with shining diamonds on the fabric. Celebrities, fashionistas and A-lister influencers drape the Tana Bana Sarees whenever they grace any occasion of importance.

Tana Bana is for the women of class, sophistication and unmatched elegance. The makers of Tana Bana sarees have kept in mind to make the sarees in such a way that they look unique and catch the gaze of all those who lay an eye on the wearer.

Talk about an entrance!

What makes Tana Bana Sarees Gujarat’s most iconic saree brand?

Not your normal sarees

Every saree out of the Tana Bana range comes with uniquely studded gems and stones on it whose embroidery is exquisite and whose flow is just flawless from top to bottom.

Celebrity Look

Want to look as if you just stepped out of a fashion shoot for Dabbu Ratnani? Tana Bana is it, then.

Variety like no other

You can be sure that when you select from our range of Tana Bana sarees, no one saree will look like the other. The designs are hand-selected by the owner of the Brand himself! There are thousands of designs to choose from with every design bringing along its own WOW factor!

New catalogues every week

Every catalogue is inspired by whatever is trending the most. From geometric patterns to traditional motifs in modern weaves, every saree represents the mindset of the audience during that season.

WOW! Factor

That’s right! Tana Bana Sarees have such power that the wearer of the saree can forcibly make the viewer say WOW! out loud every time they lay a look upon you.

When you wear a Tana Bana saree, you shine bright like a diamond. It is the perfect combination of style, function and unbridled glamour.

How to shop for Julahaa’s Tana Bana Sarees?

Julahaa’s Tana Bana Sarees can be found in every major city in India at the leading saree retailers. However, for the precise location of the nearest retailer near you, you can send us an inquiry here.

To become a reseller of one of the top saree brands in India, send us an inquiry here.

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