Tana Bana Sarees: Changing The Way We Use Diamonds

Sarees are not just fabrics, they drape the Indian woman into the identity of her choice and will. When the sarees are mixed with diamonds pieces, they spark happiness and utter joy that embody the ancestral stories of the past generation. Introducing the Tana Bana Sarees.

The past year and a half have been a pivotal time in our lives. As our lifestyles changed, so did our mindsets and the way we dress up.  Tana Bana, a brand under Julahaa Sarees, wades through a new territory where traditional means of providing luxury is not for granted. However, Tana Bana remains the fastest growing premium saree brand in India and is making its mark very well.

The use of Diamond before Julahaa’s Tana Bana came into picture

The textile industry is a massive industry all over India and rakes in crores worth of profit each quarter. Rare gems like diamonds, rubies, pearls…something to be unattainable in saree fabric now has become reality. Julahaa’s Tana Bana is leading the movement to bring the bling of the diamond to the masses.

With a flashy ambition to be the world’s biggest saree retailer, Julahaa Sarees is about to fill this tall order. With the turnover of 100 crores in 2018 and many celebrities vouching for the brand in their social media handles, Julahaa Sarees will change the way the world looks at sarees.

Sarees that sparkle their way into your heart

Tana Bana’s exquisite collection of diamond-studded sarees are perfect for those attending highly special occasion(s). Perfect for bridal events, parties and social functions, you can make a statement from Julahaa’s Tana Bana sarees.

Slay everyone with the bling of your diamond studded saree by Julahaa’s Tana Bana

Making a statement with just a piece of clothing can sometimes be challenging for the designers of premium brands of clothing like sarees. The market is already saturated with all types of premium looking sarees that fail to deliver the promises they made. This results in wasted money, disgruntled consumer and a brand that will face a downfall in popularity very soon. 

Julahaa’s Tana Bana Sarees cuts above the rest as the designers, the weavers all come from the area of their own expertise and they know what the consumers want and how they want it. Every one of our Tana Bana sarees come with their own pattern of bling and shine.

A saree brand that changed the way of use of a diamond

Never before a saree brand has made such enthralling sarees available to the public at large where anyone can now own a top-quality, elegant piece of 6-yard art that you can drape around your body like a second skin.

Julahaa’s Tana Bana Sarees bring to you the most exotic range of sarees that will make you want to show off to the world as soon as you get them.

How to shop for Tana Bana’s diamond studded saree?

Julahaa’s Tana Bana Sarees can be found in every major city in India at the leading saree retailers. However, for the precise location of the nearest retailer near you, you can send us an enquiry here.

To become a reseller of one of the top saree brands in India, send us an enquiry here.

To know more about Julahaa Sarees, check out our social media handles on Instagram & Facebook

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