How To Look Stylish At A Wedding?

In practically every wedding she attends in her life, every girl’s desire is to look stylish. Their mothers have dressed them in offbeat striking colours since they were children, making them look like vibrant little flower buds. And as these vibrant blossoms mature and develop a sense of fashion and trends, no one can stop them from dressing up like a princess at weddings and other celebrations. Here, we present you with some more hacks and tips to make the best use of your resources and look like “that” girl at a wedding! Here’s how to look stylish at a wedding:

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Use Pastel colour palettes

Choose outfits with more of a pastel hint i.e. A Tana Bana Swarvoski Crystal Saree in light pastel colour and wearing it like a lehenga with a shimmery blouse at your best friend’s wedding will make you look “hatke”. Pastels are always in style and will ensure that you receive all of the attention you deserve. These are frequently different tones of the same colour. Only a small amount of white is added to a tone. Adding white changes the psychology as well as increases the value. They’re often thought to be delicate, feminine, and pure.

Either Minimal or Heavy Jewellery according to the outfit & occasion

If the outfit is light and doesn’t have many things going on! Go for heavy jewellery pieces like Kamarbandh, Bangles, Long Pearl Necklace along with a short one, some signature rings alongside a dainty jewel beaded purse. You can also add a Maangtikka for a complete look. If your outfit is neither too heavy nor too light, pick the minimal jewellery items like small jhumkas (earrings), some bangles and a diamond-studded or Gold polish Watch. If your outfit is heavy wear only tiny jewellery pieces so that it won’t out shadow the beauty of your outfit. Other than this, A good Diamond set is always a girl’s best friend, unsure of what to wear? or really in a hurry? Get those diamond earrings out and wear them and you can pretty much head out without even looking yourself in the mirror! They are that versatile.

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A Stylish Blouse Back Design and Trending colours

When wearing our premium Tana Bana Sarees as Lehengas, choose a very well Blouse colour, either in contrast or similar to the saree. The material should be the polar opposite of the saree, heavy for light sarees and light-weighted for heavy ones. This contrast in colour and fabric of the blouse will bring the entire look to life. The back design should be chosen according to your existing lingerie collection as well as the type of event.  Some women prefer modest fashion styles, in that case, they can go for full coverage blouses, whereas some women love flaunting their backs, for them, there are already plenty of back designs available in the market.

Don’t forget to Accessorize your Look

  • Buy some boogie sunglasses to match with your Brand new Tana Bana Saree which you will be carrying as a Lehenga. 
  • Get yourself a Potli with Zari Work and hangings. It can be used to store the bride’s lipsticks, safety pins, and other essential things.
  • Enhance your appearance with some excellent Henna designs on your hands; choose your designs ahead of time.
  • Along with the shades, there is a fashion trend of wearing a Turban.
  • Some ladies like to wear shoes with their Lehengas to stand out; this hack will definitely make you stand out; while other girls are suffering from their heels, you will be dancing and running in those sneakers. Quick Tip: White ones are the most effective!
  • A big Nathni ring for the nose goes best for the bridesmaids at the wedding.
  • Never mind, the most important item will be your Tana Bana Swarovski Crystal Sarees.

Some BONUS TIPS on How To Look Stylish At A Wedding: 

  • Choose your clothing based on your personality. Don’t become a designer’s idol or mindlessly follow them.
  • Want to wear a dark saree for a wedding but worried about black being unlucky? Try deep blue or deep green instead.
  • If your shoulders are broad, try darker colours on top, and if your waistline is broad, do the same on the bottom.
  • Does too much make-up bother you? Then we recommend not to wear it to any event. Less is always more, and be as subtle as possible.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of comfort. Do not suffer as a result of uncomfortable heels or a tight-fitting dress.
  • Lastly, Get yourself a Tana Bana Silk or Swarovski Saree, Sarees are versatile and can be styled in many ways, will fit you in any age or any size! Sarees are women’s best friends, just like diamonds.

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