Top 5 Tana Bana Saree Catalogs to gift your loved ones in 2022

Top 5 Tana Bana Catalogs That Are Perfect For Gifting!

Saree is an attractive thing. As an attire, you can wear it to any occasion. Women feel confident when they drape a saree. Whether you want to wear it for office, a party, wedding, festival or dinner at night, the sari is the go-to outfit. In this month, there is something nostalgic in the air, the evenings are longer and the days are pleasing. As we move along the days of January, we close up on the harvest festival days. With festivals like Pongal/Makar Sankranti/Lohri and the wedding season on the horizon, it’s time to shop till you drop! To help you choose what to buy for gifts this year, we have compiled our list of top 5 Tana Bana Catalogs that you can gift to your loved ones this merry season!

Top 5 Tana Bana Catalogs for 2022 Festival & Wedding Season

1. P A N C H E E – a catalog for those who love lightweight luxury sarees

Top 5 Tana Bana Saree Catalogs to gift your loved ones in 2022

To create a statement wherever you go!

There is a rare breed of women who take eloquence to a whole new level.

The heavy-looking embroidered sarees with our fabrics ensure that your saree exudes magnificence. If you want something different than a regular saree, then ‘Panchee’ catalog is the best option for you.

2. K A A N C H – for those who love to sparkle

Top 5 Tana Bana Saree Catalogs to gift your loved ones in 2022

Inspired by the shine of diamonds!

Our latest Kaanch catalog houses glamorous sarees for parties and red carpet events.

Each piece of saree comes studded with polished diamond-like stones. Irrespective of the place you are, Kaanch sarees glimmer with ethereal beauty. Wherever you go, the night sky goes with you.

3. K A N G A N — traditional luxury, redefined

Top 5 Tana Bana Saree Catalogs to gift your loved ones in 2022

Inspired by the magnificence of the ancient Indian nobility.

Kangan is a collection of royalesque sarees that befits the aristocracy in you. Every saree in this catalogue possesses natural-inspired motifs. The ambition is to revisit the aesthetic of the Indian nobility to the world.

4. J A N M O H I N I – for those who love traditions and luxury

Top 5 Tana Bana Saree Catalogs to gift your loved ones in 2022

​​Inspired by royalty.

Janmohini is a collection of beautiful drapes whose richness and magnificence enthrals anyone. Janmohini is for women of taste and culture. The folds of each saree have a rich shine of glamour that is best suited for evening ambience. Janmohini is perfect for high-profile events.

5. H A S E E N – luxury sarees for the bold & beautiful

Top 5 Tana Bana Saree Catalogs to gift your loved ones in 2022

From the world of beauty!

Haseen Catalogue is a collection of gorgeous sarees woven by expert craftsmen. This collection houses sarees of rich designs, textures, patterns in deep, vivid colors. It makes you feel pleasant and beautiful.

​​Want to buy luxury sarees for gifting? Buy Tana Bana’s Swarovski Stone Work Sarees

One of the best things that you can gift to the woman of your life is a saree. She can wear it on outings and celebrations in the family. So this new year, have a look at the wide collection of Tana Bana sarees. And select the one that you find appropriate to buy.

You don’t have to rush around as you can buy the gorgeous and stunning sarees from Tana Bana Catalogs. Panchee, Kaanch, Kangan, Janmohini, Haseen. You can choose from the wide range of lovely catalogs for the saree look for the new year sold by Tana Bana sarees. Tana Bana Sarees offers a wide variety of sarees to let you pick anything you want. Discover our handpicked selection of Swarovski stone work sarees to gift yourself or someone special.

We hope that now you will sort out and are clear on what to gift this new year. Do let us know which gift you picked for her in the comment box.

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