The Ultimate List Of Perfect Gifts For Women

Women are important contributors to human progress and hold a key position in society. Napoleon once said: “Give me well-educated mothers and I will give you an educated nation.” In anyone’s personal life as well, women play a significant role. She always feels appreciated when she is rewarded once in a while with her favourite food or a purse that she was dreaming to buy or even something as random as getting her a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. In this blog, we are going to present you with a list of perfect gifts for women that you can buy for the ladies in your house.

Some gifts can be fictitious like cleaning her space for her or cooking her a nice warm meal while she rests on the Sofa doing Netflix and Chill or leaving a cheesy note on her dressing table telling her that you love her or are lucky to have her in your life. Others can be super non-fictitious like gifting her a brand new Tana Bana Saree for an auspicious festival/ceremony. We have curated a beautiful list of gifts for you to please all the important women in your life! 

Perfect Gifts For The Elderly Women Of Your House:

A Gorgeous Swarovski Stone Work Saree by Tana Bana Sarees


Pick any catalogue and we assure you that each saree in that catalogue will impress the head matriarch of your home. Wearing Tana Bana sarees can make the ladies look majestic in all their glory. Nothing befits the real head of the house like a Swarovski Stone Work Saree.

A Fine Dining Set

Mothers all over the world adore having extravagant and royal dining set in their homes. Every new season, they like hosting small and large dinners to feed their grandchildren and daughters. They enjoy making everything at home, from Indian seasonal cuisine to desserts and mithais. They will be pleased with a dining set, which will spark their interest and will make them more excited for their next hosting adventure.

A Recliner Chair

It isn’t for your father, to be sure. Make a difference this time by giving your mother a Recliner Chair, because she is entitled to the same amount of rest as your father. Imagine your mother lounging in her recliner, watching her favourite daily drama and munching on delicious Indian Pakoras (chilli lime fritters). It’ll make her feel like the queen of the whole house, which she is!

Perfect Gifts For Your Wife/Girlfriend:

A Swarovski Crystal Silk Saree by Tana Bana


If Women are gifts, Saree is the most beautiful Gift Wrap. If you want to present your wife something special for her birthday, a saree is an excellent choice and is surely one of the perfect gifts for women. Her clothing is your rescuer if you’re unsure about the materials. You can peek through her closet to see what fabrics she generally wears. Some ladies like sarees made of heavy textiles, while others prefer sarees made of lighter fabrics. If she enjoys dressing up in style, you may get beautiful sarees in chiffon, net, georgette, and patterns. If she prefers to wear a rich traditional saree, however, you may give her something made of silk-like a Tana Bana Silk Saree. These silk sarees come in a variety of styles, colours, patterns, and embroidery.

A Signature Perfume

Take her for a quick brunch at her favourite cafe in the city and then buy her a take away iced mocha coffee, now take the long route at the mall where she can find a variety of perfumes from various brands, be with her attentively while she is picking the best one. Now pay the bill and don’t feel shy from letting her know how much she means to you. It’s also something that she will wear – thinking of you. Giving her perfume is a sign of affection.

A Laptop 

A Laptop or a proper PC Set up can help her in WFH and ease her struggle and hustle with working from someone else’s PC at home or from a broken one. Helping someone you love in their career or upgrading their lives, in general, can help them become a greater person. She will always be grateful to you for buying her such a gift.

A Fitness Watch

Today’s sedentary lives make it hard for WFH or office going employees to keep up with their fitness goals. Especially for women who face various hormonal imbalances due to their burning out schedules, a fitness watch allows you to track and record your heart rate, daily calories burnt, and steps taken. Self-tracking helps people keep to a healthier diet, get more exercise, and get better sleep. The usage of a fitness tracker on a routine basis increases the effectiveness of one’s daily workouts and makes them more attainable.

Perfect Gifts For Your Sisters:

A Tana Bana Saree 


Gifting your sister a saree is something out of the box kind of step but trust us it will be worth it when you’ll see her embracing the Indian Culture along with the other elder women of the house. This is one of those dresses that is always in style. We could also credit Bollywood for popularising this lovely outfit. Also, young girls love wearing sarees the most because they carry a western look all the time while college or office parties!

Self Growth Journal Diaries + her Favourite Dark Chocolates

Due to Pandemic or general changes in climate, women are the most affected in terms of their moods and mental health. Gifting your sister a journal will depict how inclusive & broad-minded her brother is in terms of mental health and overall health. In today’s world, all a woman needs is some genuine push and love from the people around her and she can reach heights and make a beautiful life of such support just like our Tana Bana Sarees while wearing them everyone feels beautiful. Quick Tip: A bunch of dark chocolates along with the diary will make her happier.

So, here is our list of perfect gifts for women and there are some wonderful presents you can give to the women in your life to keep them as bright and cheerful as their spirits.

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