Valentine’s Day 2022: Mythology, History & Origin

Wondering what to gift on Valentine’s day 2022? After Silk Sarees, most Indian women seek ahead to one more thing, yes, you guessed it right! – The Festival of Love, Valentine’s Day! People all around the world are fond of this festival, they exchange Handmade Cards, Flowers, Chocolates or Gifts and a Romantic Night-out or Dinner.

Women plan creative surprises for their best friends, boyfriends or husbands like decorating the room, making cakes or making their favourite dishes or buying self-grooming kits, love showpieces etc. and wrapping them in the most beautiful way possible, on the other hand, guys out there buy gifts like Branded Purses, Watches or Julahaa Tana Bana Silk saree for Valentine’s day! Sarees which the women can use and hoard all their life as a symbol of their partner’s love towards them.  In this blog, we will explore the mythology and history of Valentine’s day 2022. We will also discover how this day of love came into being.

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People around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day with vigour and excitement. The 14th of February marks a day when people all around the world celebrate love. The month of February is the Month of Romance and Passion. Heart-shaped candies, stuffed toys, balloons, and varieties of chocolates flood the stores in February.

Valentine’s Day 2022 and Its Worldwide Celebration 

Many countries celebrate Valentine’s day in various ways, depending upon their culture and personal inclinations, for example, Wales, UK where couples gift each other carved wooden spoons

In Valencia (Spain), the civic authorities organize grand parades where men gift their partner ‘marzipan figurines’ as a token of their love.

In Miao (South West China), the women offer colourful rice especially made in Silk Cloth to their partners, South Korea where people celebrate all the valentine traditions including the single People who spend their days eating the Black Noodles, South Africa where young women stick the name of their crush on their sleeves, Philippines is famous for its mass wedding where thousands of couples tie knots at the same time, Brazil where Single Women perform various holy rituals to find someone by the next year.

Mythology Behind Valentine’s Day

Have you ever wondered what can be the history of Valentine’s Day? There are several theories about the origins of Valentine’s Day.

Initially, Valentine’s Day was a set day on the calendar that was merged with Lupercalia, a mid-February feast on the ancient Roman calendar. Now some historians believe that this is how Valentine’s Day came to be associated with love.

Whereas Lupercalia was a fertility festival involving a ceremony in which men and women were matched by picking names from a jar. Pope Gelasius proclaimed February 14 to be the First Feast Day of Saint Valentine in 496 A.D. It’s still up for dispute whether this was just a gesture to commemorate a Saint or a calculated attempt to Christianize the unpleasant pagan Lupercalia and it has been a day of celebration ever since—though it was typically more holy than romantic. Another belief was that in Ancient Greece, the marriage of the deity Zeus and the goddess Hera was commemorated with a mid-winter festival.

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The Story of Saint Valentine

However, it is Saint Valentine, in whose honour, the world celebrates this day of love. The Martyred Saint Valentine was a Priest who continuously performed various marriages in secret as under Roman Emperor Claudius 2’s dominance no soldier was allowed to marry because he believed that married soldiers did not make good warriors.

Many young men couldn’t marry their soulmates and started losing hope in life, so, Saint Valentine who was known for wearing a ring with a Cupid on it as a symbol of love helped soldiers recognize him and he distributed paper hearts as a counterpart to greeting cards to remind those Christian soldiers of their passion for God.

When the emperor learned of his plans, he executed him on the 14th of February. Valentine left a parting message, “From Your Valentine,” before being decapitated. The world never talked less about him and it kept travelling and growing and people still celebrate Valentine’s sacrifice for Love and Devotion.

Gifts for Valentine’s day 2022

So, what are you gifting your special person this Valentine’s Day? After the overwhelming history of Saint Valentine, let us calm you with some refreshing gifting ideas. And here they go:

– Take your partner on a Date, Best Idea – Pre-Book! (must be a go-to; a favourite place for both to avoid any mishap)

– A Movie Date, maybe at home with Pizzas and Cold Drinks.

– Buy her favourite Dessert and save it for the end of the Day.

– Gift her a Tana Bana Silk Saree which she can flaunt at her friend’s upcoming wedding.

– If you have real savings, take her for an impromptu shopping trip, gift her that expensive makeup palette.

– If you’re Single, make it special for the women around you by gifting our special Tana Bana Kanjeevaram Silk Saree.

– Lastly, Night outs are always the best ideas. 

Thank us later for this wholesome list of Valentine Gift Ideas. We hope whether you’re single or in a relationship, these centuries-old, Valentine’s Day customs from throughout the world that honour love and friendship will provide something for everyone to appreciate.

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