Top 5 Celebrities Who Rock The Saree Look!

Attention, Beautiful Women! Whenever it comes to styling for spontaneous social gatherings, we often get confused about our outfits, right? The question ‘what do I wear’ hangs on our necks like a sword. We toss out one dress after the other and with each toss, our hearts get heavier. When we have exhausted all our options, the only thing that comes to our mind is the beauty of 6-yards of magic! We recall, in our mind’s eye, all those celebrities who pulled off the greatest saree look. Inspiration strikes like a bolt and voila, we have something dazzling to wear. To honour such ‘lifestyle-saving celebrities‘, we have curated a list of top 5 celebrities who rock the saree look.

We often go on the net and check out all those beautiful celebrities slaying the public with their elegance in a saree! Am I wrong? I think not, right? Hence, we bring the top celebrities who dazzle us with their glamourous and elegant stature wrapped in Magical patterns! Tadaaa!!! 

So, here we feel so thrilled to present our top 5 Bollywood celebrities, not that others don’t, but these 5 are the ones who rock the saree look and leave us gawking them every now and then! 

1. Rekha Ji! 

I literally can’t stop gazing at her! Source: Vogue

Named by Vogue as “The OG champion of heritage weaves.”

Whenever you visualize a fashionista with a strong aura and elegance from Bollywood, Rekha Ji crosses your mind at first. No, no, we don’t know any magic or mind-reading skills, it’s just that, it happens with us too! You hear ‘Bollywood’ and ‘fashion sense’ in the same sentence and Rekha Ji is the first woman who comes to your mind. Her bold colours, her love for Silk, her smile, her way of carrying her style and whatnot. Rekha Ji is known not just for her acting but also for her never-ending love for the gold glaze zari that seems to be just oozing out from her sarees. Well, it is apt though. Gold for real gold! 

Check out the Vogue article here: 18 pictures that take you inside Rekha’s sari collection

2. Sonam Kapoor! 

No one is more unknown for their fashion sense than our very own fashion diva ‘Sonam Kapoor’! The way she carries her designer sarees with apt pieces of jewellery and hairdo, she looks no less than any royal empress. Be it stone-studded sarees or any laced saree, give her any colour or style, you will see her nowhere other than the top!

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3. Vidya Balan

Simple yet classy! Source: Instagram

When you are talking about an honest-to-goodness saree diva, how can we not count Vidya Balan into it! From magnificent Bengali sarees to royal Benaras Sarees, she pulls off the saree look so awesomely that it has become a fashion inspiration for many women across the world. The way she pulls onto this style, trust me no one can do it any better! And even if they do, I bet her sarees will go and speak about its uniqueness! Tana Bana has a unique variety, too! Hushhhhh!!! 

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4. Kangana Ranaut! 

Kangana Ranaut in Julahaa’s exclusive Paithani Saree that made up the look for her movie, Manikarnika!
Source: Glamorous Indian Models

Thank God! We just got her name in our head, else who would have portrayed that fierce and bold look that this lioness of a woman plays? I am right, right? It’s quite a mystery how she carries her saree look so elegantly and yet fiercely.

DID YOU KNOW?: Julahaa Sarees was the official Fashion Partner for Kangana Ranaut for her blockbuster movie, ‘Manikarnika’!  

5. Madhuri Dixit! 

A timeless look pulled off without an effort!
Source: Vogue

No doubt Madhuri Ji is worth applause for everything she does, the way she swings on music and the way she expresses! But when you truly look at her, beyond her beauty and smile, trust me, her sarees are something that will surely make you look thrice! She experiments with different colours and styles fearlessly and pulls off every one of those looks with sheer panache. 

Here’s what Vogue has to say: 5 timeless saris from Madhuri Dixit Nene’s collection that will last you a lifetime


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