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How To Dress for a Glamorous Event

If you’re reading this then it means that you have something glamorous to look forward to, even if you don’t know it yet 😉 We are a very intuitive bunch here and we know that winter months are the ‘it’ months for fashion. That’s why we have brought you a brief guide on how to dress for a glamorous event.

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The three months of winter i.e. November, December & January bring forth some of the most fabulous fashion shows from around the world. In India, these three months are the harbingers of wedding parties and family get-togethers. Not to forget the Christmas parties and of course, the new year bash.

Tips to dress for an upcoming glamourous event

Forget about the price tag

That’s right. Looking expensive has nothing to do with expensive clothes. You just need to ensure that the material of your cloth is good. 

Go where the colour takes you

a collage of neutral shade of colors
Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

When you search for celebrity glamorous looks online, you may find one thing in common with all of them. The colour scheme. You see, the most expensive looks are often neutral with colours. Prime examples are beige, peach, cream, white, nude and black.

This is because each colour has a certain connotation attached to it, a certain personality if you will. Red denotes passion, yellow is for happiness, and pink represents grace and femininity. But when it comes to neutral colours, they can represent whatever you want them to. They are versatile, and flexible and do not carry a stereotypical connotation attached to them.

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Keep it single! 

Actress Vidya Balan in monochromatic saree of black colour
Source: Pinterest

Tired of searching for the perfect contrast or complementing colour? Keep it single.  Go for the monochromatic colour codes and see how the tables turn. When done right, the ‘monochrome look’ looks hella expensive! 

Now you can go for black, white, or all the neutral colours or go for purple, maroon, or brown. They too give an incredibly glamorous look.

Details matter

Like perfection, glamour is all about little things done right. So, to pull off a glamorous look, you need something that has a lot of detailing done on it. Because truly glamorous looks have a little something for everyone. There are many people out there who have a keen eye for good fashion and not so coincidentally, they all are highly regarded in the fashion industry. 

These people look at an outfit closely. They see if they can spot anything that tells them that an extra effort was made to make the outfit perfect. So say yes to sequins, brooches and some bling.

Accessories – you only need one

Glamorous looks do not always demand extravagant measures. The reality is, all you need is that one watch, bracelet, or necklace that will pull your outfit together.

A good fit is a great hit

Actress Shilpa Shetty posing for a photo wearing a light pink color saree with embroidered sequins and glass work and a diamond necklace
Source: Pinterest

If you follow high-end fashion icons and celebrities, you will observe that they all wear good-fitting clothes. Not too tight, not too loose. It’s just right.

To make your current wardrobe look a little more glamorous, you can get them all tailored to your true size. That way, your clothes will make you look exactly the way you want them to.

It’s all about ‘steam’ work

Steaming out your outfit before donning it will ensure that absolutely all wrinkles or creases remain. 


So, there you go. We hope this blog helped you take pointers for a truly glamorous look. If you’re choosing to wear a saree, may we recommend a saree with elegantly placed Swarovski Crystals?

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