picture of woman's torso, left arm and hands. she is wearing a luxurious brown saree with swarovski crystals embedded on the sari. the model is set against a dark brown backdrop.



A saree is more than simply a piece of clothing for an Indian woman; it serves as a reminder of their heritage. In this blog, we bring the Top 10 Tana Bana Sarees for you. Whether you want to dress up for a formal party, high-profile gatherings, or red-carpet events… Or you just want a reliable saree to stand up to any important occasion, you just need to drape one of these and you will be ready to face the moment.

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Introducing the Top 10 Tana Bana Sarees that are intricately woven and reveal the genuine worth and motivational tales that lie behind the making of sarees.

1. The ‘Kumkum’ Saree:

woman wearing a red saree with gold colored embroidery and green pallu embellished with swarovski stone work

This saree belongs to one of our most prized catalogues, SAANJH. This particular sensual piece is ideal for special occasions such as weddings and family parties. Also, you can wear it as a statement piece. So, if you’re looking for a saree which exudes a classy and posh ethnic look for sangeets and weddings, then you’ll definitely love this masterpiece made from Swarovski crystals.

There are several elements in this six-yard ensemble that will dazzle your look. At Tana Bana, Swarovski crystals are often embedded into the fabric in intricate patterns or designs to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to sarees.

They are well-known for their gleaming appearance and are frequently used to add a touch of glitz to a garment.

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2.  The One For All Occasions: 

image of a woman's full body pose wearing a brown-maroon saree with vintage silver colored borders.

Just like Ines de la Fressange once said, “The secret of great style……is to feel good in what you wear.” This saree is a wardrobe essential if you choose your clothing based on trends. This trendy pleated saree variation is easy to adjust thanks to its extremely comfortable material complemented with a beige colour scheme. The combination of the two makes this saree rank second on our Top 10 Tana Bana Sarees list.  

This gorgeous saree comes with rich designs, intricate embellishments, alluring colours, and a soft texture. Even though silk yarn now makes up the majority of sarees, for this piece, we ensured that elaborate patterns were woven using silver and gold zari threadwork.

Your collection will definitely gain an extra edge from this weave, one of our most laborious and time-consuming saree pieces.

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3. All-Time Classic Swarovski Saree:

image of a woman's full body pose wearing a Tana Bana Saree which is pink in color and has creamish colored borders. the pose is elegant and has poise.

Only a lover of art can appreciate the beauty of this intricately woven silk saree. With a sensuous silk foundation coupled with expert weaving using stunning hues, the flawless Swarovski Stone Work Zari technique makes this stunner an all-time classic.

In the form of significant weaving, it creates an exquisite combination of grace and elegance in the fabric. This saree is completely unique because of the tremendous and painstaking effort put in by the artists of Tana Bana, now India’s fastest-growing luxurious saree brand.

There are some differences here and there, but that only serves to highlight the artist’s originality. It also highlights various patterns and motifs that reflect rich tradition and culture.

4. Another Blast Of Pink In Swarovski:

image of a dusky woman's full body pose wearing Tana Bana saree of lightest orange-cream color.

We believe that as long as there is pink in this World, it will always be a good place to live in. This particular masterpiece in pink is ideal for weddings because of its obvious beauty and elegance.

This saree was highly regarded for its glossy weave and lustrous use of silk. Everyone wants to look their best on their very special day and this saree simply cannot be matched for its opulence. As usual, we at Tana Bana, did our signature zari and Swarovski stonework on this saree.

The traditional handloom, which has been used for centuries, is renowned for its exquisite artistic skill. The Swarovski sarees, which have been woven by generations of excellent craftsmen, have been given the title of “sweet joy” for the area since pink sarees are in fact such a sweet treat that they make you seem attractive in any situation.

Bright colours are featured in our most recent collection, Saanjh

5. For The Fans Of Genuine Indian Aristocracy:

woman wearing light pink saree with swarovski crystal stone work

This saree is one of our absolute favourites! We were getting increasing demands from our customers for something that would befit high-class women who attend parties and get together on a daily basis. We also received demands for our Signature Swarvoski sarees that would look good in a lavish, royalesque setting.

From its pinkish shade to the intricate embellished details, everything about this saree makes it a show-stopper! Adorn this classy and comfortable saree that displays a perfect balance between conventional comfort and traditional touch.

6. The Karwachauth Catalogue 2022:

5 women wearing sunset gold sarees with heavy jewelry while looking at the camera. one model is sitting and the rest 4 are standing gracefully all around the former.

The Karwachauth of 2022 was our favourite. We launched these luxurious sarees which went on to become conversation starters and compliment magnets across India.

Take note of the subdued reddish hue that was intended to illuminate your entire wardrobe. This saree gives off a timeless air of elegance which makes it a must-have for the holiday season!

Red is a colour associated with happiness and celebration, and when utilised to create this handcrafted saree with Swarovski crystals, the royal lustre of the hue is unmatched! If you are newly-wed and this is your first Karwachauth after your wedding, then this reddish saree embroidered with the skill of Swarovski work will undoubtedly make this occasion more memorable for you as this is still one of the Top 10 Tana Bana Sarees of 2023.

Amp up your entire look with this utterly gorgeous and elegant Swaroskvi work saree. You can pair this saree with some chic ethnic jewellery and you are good to go!

7. The Shefali Jariwala Saree

image of a celebrity shefali jariwala wearing a Tana Bana saree. her pose is that of sitting on a wooden chair. she has her face held on her hand which is resting on her knee where also her other hand rests.

This saree is special to us. We collaborated with the iconic Shefali Jariwala who rocked our saree, straightly put. This saree from our celebrity star shoot catalogue got a massive response from our customers and is still one of our highest-selling sarees.

These sarees are stunning to wear because of their simplicity in luxurious fabrics. They can be styled for any modern setting, and they will just look gorgeous on you under any light.

8. Epitomize Luxury, The Indian Way

image of a woman's full body pose wearing a Tana Bana saree which is of cream-beige and turquoise color against a sunny backdrop.

Whenever we have a special event to attend, no matter how much clothing we have in our wardrobes, we all perpetually feel like we have nothing to wear that would befit the occasion’s expectations. In cases like these, having this saree in your wardrobe will be a great candidate to turn to.

Beautiful silk sarees radiate style, grace, class, and simplicity. No matter what event, you drape a silk saree and it never fails to leave a lasting impact. Thanks to an incredible fusion of modern handlooms and our traditional weaves, this saree’s tall borders are a delight to style and drape.

9. You Are Gold

a woman wearing a golden saree while smiling at the camera.

Thinking of dressing up in a saree for the day? This saree is a definitely great choice to look forward to on a fantastic day. This rich silk saree features lightweight pure zari in vibrant colour combinations.

10. Saree That Stands For Elegance

a woman wearing a green-gold saree with heavy printed work and embroidery work

This saree was specially created for elaborate wedding events which demand refined clothing. You can wear this saree for a festive mood or even a relaxed one. Luxury knows no bounds, right? Bring in the regal factor with this lavish and colourful Swarovski saree.


Tana Bana sarees are here to dominate the luxury ethnic wear industry and are poised to rule the world thanks to their beauty, adaptability, and grace. In light of this, we are quite positive that our sarees will continue to leave their imprint on the fashion world for many years to come for the same reasons it has stood the test of time, unparalleled quality.

Tana Bana is proud to be a business that unites all of India in its weaves. Tana Bana Sarees is the fastest-growing luxury saree brand in India. Every Tana Bana saree is a unique representation of the many facets of craftsmanship, consciousness, and beauty. Each saree that our artisans weave is a unique work of art.

We are very proud of our efforts to preserve these traditional crafts. In our products, the best six yards of handloom sarees from all over India are gathered under one roof for modern ladies who are reinventing what it means to have a “legacy.”

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