Types Of Natural Silk Found In India

Hello silk lovers! Before we start with the different types of silk, Let me tell you a bit about natural silk. Natural silk is basically those silks produced by certain insects. Typically, we all have a common and evergreen option of wearing silk to our festivals or functions, Right? So, here we would like to present some valid reasons to choose it and to love it. 

So, without wasting your time, here are the different types of natural silk found in India.

Mulberry Silk

Mulberry Silk, also known as the “Queen of Silk” is the highest quality silk produced from the mulberry silkworm Bombyx Mori. Though mulberry silk is renowned as the most qualified silk, one can distinguish its quality by measuring the density of “Momme Count”. The highest quality silk contains the 19 momme count. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and West Bengal are considered as the highest silk producer in India. Besides the fact that mulberry silk is the most quality silk, it is a highly durable fabric along with its exquisite texture. Which enhances the beauty of attire. Among all different types of natural silk, Mulberry Silk gives the richest look to the person.  

Muga Silk

Muga Silk is also known as Assam Silk, is famous for its natural and rare golden color. For the arrival of this silk, it has been considered as the symbol of royalty. Muga silk is kind of similar to Mulberry silk since both of them are made by silkworms. However, this silkworm is different species fed of aromatic som and sualu leaves only. No wonder, Muga Silk is one of the extravagant silk. The typical design motifs and uniqueness of the fabric make it even more attractive and high in demand. You can find Muga silk in “Mekhela Chador (traditional Assamese wear)” the most.

Tussar Silk

Tussar Silk is one of those rare fabrics that have natural gold shade. Many people call it a “Wild Silk” since the silkworms name Antheraea mylitta lives in the wild forest. Moreover, there is an interesting fact that makes it distinct from the rest is, India ranked the second country to produce Tussar Silk. Also, Bhagalpuri silk and Kosa silk are sarees made of Tussar Silk. For those with the pure love of silk will undoubtedly have in their wardrobes already, though those who want it now can always visit us, at Julahaa Sarees.

Eri Silk

Eri Silk comes from a very rare type of silkworms named, caterpillar found in North East India. This silk is not so come in the market neither too pricey. Another unique fact about this silk is that it was obtained without killing the silkworms, which is why it is referred to as the “peace Silk” in Assam. Eri Silk is not so soft, unlike other silks, that is why many people call it a “wool-like silk”. It is also known as the “poor person’s silk” in many areas of the country.

Spider Silk

As it is evident from the name that this silk is different from the rest since it’s coming from a species of spiders. Spider Silk is the strongest silk found in the market. Its strengths are remarkable as it is comparable with alloy steel. Its weight is also measured around1/6th of steel. However, the reason this silk isn’t easily available in the market is, it’s a very difficult procedure to extract enough amount of silk.

Sea Silk

Sea Silk, as the name defines is the kind of rarest and the most expensive silk that is produced not by any spiders or worms but by specific types of ‘bivalve’ mollusc, known as the ‘Pinna Nobilis. It is said that the spices that produce silk have been extinction and only a single sea silk seamstress is surviving in Sardinia. 

Art Silk

Art Silk is not referred to as real silk, since any fabric that resembles the silk is called Art Silk. Many people got cheated by the vendors and buy Art silk, in that case, remember to have a “ring test”. It’s the most traditional and authentic way to find out whether your silk is real or not.   

Pat Silk

Pat Silk is also found in the areas of Assam. Unlike Muga Silk, Pat Silk has a natural sheen and white tint. Which is used to produce the traditional outfits of Assam (Mekhela sarees and dhotis). Pat Silk is not as common as Muga Silk in the market. However, its texture stands incomparable. 

Hope this information is useful to you, and we hope you find your love for silk too. So, This is what we have found about the different types of natural silk. To get one for yourself, visit us on Julahaa Sarees, India’s fastest-growing saree brand, 2021

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