10 Different Styles of Saree Draping You Must Know

Sarees are the most cultural and stylish ethnic attire one can wear. There are numerous styles of saree draping because it’s an art that can be draped by everyone in their own way. It may differ even by cultures like Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali styles.

If you are reading this right now, it means you love to wear Sarees and since the wedding season is coming soon, you will be delighted to know that you can style all your favourite looks with Julahaa Sarees. Let’s have a look at different styles of draping a saree :

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1. Pleated Style Saree Draping

Pleated Saree Draping is the most common one. So, whether it is a light saree or a heavy designer saree pleated saree draping works for both. So when pleated sarees are combined with a high neck blouse it adds elegance to your look. And if you are a girl with a good height, then this is the perfect style for you.

2.   Pant Style Saree Draping

Pant Style is very much trending these days. It is modern, easy and comfortable to wear and can be your perfect go-to for your next wedding function. If you are a bride then this saree draping style can look adorable on your Mehndi function.

3.  Dhoti Style Saree Draping 

Dhoti style saree draping is somewhat similar to pant style. You just need to wear leggings instead of a petticoat and you are good to go. It brings ultimate comfort and gives room for doing physical activities without a hassle. Perfect for occasions where looking good and helping out in the chores are equally important.

4. Belt Style Saree Draping

Just add a belt to your waist. You can also go for a Kamar bandh with your saree. An off-shoulder blouse with this drape will enhance your overall look.

5.  Lehenga Style Saree Draping

Did you know that with an easy trick you can wear your Saree in a lehenga style too? You just need to keep pleating across your waistline and the other part left for pallu can be either worn in Gujarati style or any other fancy draping style.

6.  Scarf Style Saree Draping

Whenever you want to wear your saree around your neck, make a scarf style saree draping. Just make sure that your pallu is long enough for this kind of draping style.

7.   Front Pallu Style Saree Draping

This style is really easy. You just need to carry your pallu from the back to the right shoulder. This front pallu style suits the modern-day girls look a lot.

8. Gujarati Style Saree Draping

The Gujarati style is the go-to for the bride’s mother in a Gujarati wedding. It can be styled with a short or a long pallu or even a sidha pallu. You can use this cultural draping style with any kind of sarees like Bandhani or Lehariya sarees and flaunt them.

9. Maharashtrian Style Saree Draping

It is the style in which a Marathi bride drapes her Nauvari or Kashta Sarees. It comes in a longer length. The drapes are tucked on the backside by getting the pleats from down. If you have seen the famous movie Bajirao Mastani – you can see Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra styling this drape.

10. Bengali Style Saree Draping

Generally the white and red colour sarees are famous in Bengali weddings. This draping is really comfortable to wear. Instead of thin pleats, broad pleats are created and the pallu is pulled over the left shoulder. As and when you are done with it, but the keys on the end of the pallu to give that whole Bengali look.

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