5 Saree Draping Styles For Weddings


Sarees are ethnic and look stylish on women. And every woman wants to drape saree in the best style. The wedding season is coming ahead so do you want to twist your wedding look with a unique style? Of Course yes, right? So why not try these modern saree draping styles this wedding season? These unique draping styles will make you look stunning. Let us have a look at 5 saree draping styles for weddings:

Swish with a Lehenga Saree Drape

The saree draping style this time is to make you look like a leading lady. You can try this unique saree drape even without an actual lehenga. Many women are now switching from a lehenga to a saree. The lehenga saree drape comes at the top saree draping styles for weddings since it is really an interesting and popular one.

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You just need to keep pleating the all 6-9 yards saree. The sidha pallu comes in the front like the Gujarati style. These days most bridesmaids go with this saree draping style in their weddings. For enhancing the look you can add a waist belt and you are good to go.

Saree Gown Drape Style

You may have many different options according to different cultures to drape a saree, but the gown draping style is the most alluring one. It totally shifts you from traditional sarees to a grown style saree. It comes in various designs and colours. 

Pair it with a killer blouse. It is a modern style and is streaming the market these days. No one can even guess that either you are wearing a saree or a gown. This saree draping style is not only fashionable but is also very comfortable to wear. In addition to it, stylish jewellery can totally change the overall look of the saree gown draping style. It is an easy drape, and you can get this look from Julahaa sarees.

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Saree with a belt style

Want to have some cheek about your bridesmaid look at your friend’s wedding? Drape your saree in a normal way and add a decorative belt to give a modernised look. You can also wear it like the belted lehengas and accentuate your figure. 

This saree style is influenced by the traditional sarees waist chain style or Kamar band on the bridal sarees which gives a royal touch to your saree. You can try different contrasting stylish belts on your saree and just see everyone will look at you. You can pair it with an off-shoulder blouse. Shop for some pretty saree designs.

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The classic Mumtaz Saree drape style

Fascinate your look with a retro Mumtaz saree draping style at your friend’s wedding this season. It’s like some of our traditional saree drapes are coming back like this Mumtaz style. The trendsetter of this style was our very own Bollywood actress Mumtaz in the movie Ram and Shyam. 

In this style twisted draping is done on your saree. Regenerating this draping style can literally be fun. It is the best fit for the wedding season coming ahead. And with the addition of ornaments, this draping style looks just perfect. If you are going for this look, then visit Julahaa sareesIndia’s fastest growing Saree brand. Read this blog for a step-to-step guide. (link of 10 Different Styles of Saree Draping You Must Know)

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Dhoti style saree draping

One of the best saree draping styles for weddings, try this unusual pant style look when you are going to attend the next wedding. Instead of Petticoat, you can drape this style with leggings or some tight fit jeans. 

Many ladies are going for this style these days as it gets noticed in a totally attractive and different way. Dhoti style gives a conventional touch to your whole attire and would be a suitable drape for you to wear at a wedding. You can read more about this style here. (link of 10 Different Styles of Saree Draping You Must Know)

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Saree styles and Julahaa Sarees

Sarees are the best attires for women to wear at a wedding. So choosing a store to buy a saree is a big decision. With the hassle-free experience and different varieties, Julahaa Sarees top Gujarati saree manufacturers & Suppliers in Surat. Each and every saree is curated in the best designs. So whether you want to buy a pant style or a lehenga style, you can get saree draping styles for weddings this upcoming season at Julahaa Sarees – an Indian Sarees brand. You can also get all varieties here for the latest designer Paithani and Bengali bridal sarees.

 All these saree draping styles modernize your look. Which one would you like to show off at the next wedding event? Let us know through comments.

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