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Exactly 9 Indian Sarees You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

India is a diverse country where different types of cultures and religions co-exist in the most harmonious way possible. India’s every state, in its sprawling boundaries, has a unique identity to call its own. One of those defining facets is its fashion. When speaking of ethnic fashion, Indian sarees are the first thing that comes to mind. Sarees are a trademark of any region’s identity. Because it’s something everyone wears and yet, it differs from each other in some manner.

As you know, sarees are 6-yard long gifts of elegance, beauty, confidence and style to every woman out there who knows how to express their femininity eloquently. Indian women across all backgrounds prefer to drape on a saree whenever an occasion demands a little ‘oomph.’ That’s why we curated this blog for those passionate women who cannot get over their #SareeLove! In this blog, you will find exactly 9 Indian sarees every woman must have in her wardrobe. These sarees come in all directions of India and one will find great additions to their wardrobes.

Let’s have a tour of different sarees across India: 

1. Tamil Nadu’s Kanjeevaram:

The Royal look of the Kanjeevaram Silk saree leaves everybody spellbound with its richness, colours, signature gold touch in the border, and elegance. Although wearing a Kanjeevaram saree is a complete attire on its own, however, one can still go for light gold jewellery that suits best the style of the saree. 

2. Gujarat’s Bandhani:

Bandhani sarees from Gujarat will make up for a colourful addition to your wardrobe. These traditional Indian sarees are light, filled with vibrant and bright colours and can be worn in day-to-day use.

3. West Bengal’s Tant:

Apart from its world-famous Rasgullas, Bengal is most famous for its Tant Silk Sarees.  These 6-yard wonders are one of the most popular sarees of West Bengal & Bangladesh. You can easily identify a traditional Tant saree by its characteristic thick borders, decorative pallus that display a variety of paisley, floral and other artistic motifs.

4. Varanasi’s Banarasi:

Banarasi saree leaves you speechless with its royalty. For any occasion or any big event of your life, a finely woven Banarasi saree is a way to go. 

5. Lucknow’s Chikankari: 

What nawabs bring in with them is not unknown to people, sophistication is their second name. Chikankari saree will give you one that feels that can make people around adore you.

6. Madhya Pradesh’s Chanderi:

As light as air, the shine and look that emanates from this fabric is truly unmatched. What more a woman wants than having comfort, style, elegance and sparkling beauty in one package? 

7. Assam’s Muga:

Natural gold shine, comfort, style, long-lasting silk, varieties, uff! What more does a woman ever want? Go, grab it!

8. Punjab’s Phulkari:

Vibrant colour, floral print, geometrical shapes, folk embroidery, that makes you look colourful when you need to. 

It will make their heartthrob!

9. Telangana’s Pochampally:

Artistic in nature given to the designs and always evolving in trend, colourful, and what not! It is a must to have in your wardrobe now! 

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