International Ethnic Week 2023

Surat Dreams 2023: What’s New By Julahaa?


In the realm of fashion, where creativity meets culture, there exists an extraordinary event that brings together the brightest minds in the industry. Welcome to the International Ethnic Week 2023, a spectacular B2B ethnic fashion exhibition set to take place at the prestigious India Expo Centre & Mart in Noida, India. Mark your calendars for the dates of August 21st and 22nd, 2023, as this event promises to be an unparalleled extravaganza, showcasing the grandeur of India’s biggest fashion exhibition.

Surat Dreams Expo 2023 Dates

The International Ethnic Expo 2023 will be held on 21st & 22nd August at India Expo & mart, Greater Noida.

It will be hosted by the ‘Surat Dreams’, a beacon for textile enthusiasts, offering a unique platform to explore opportunities beyond borders. It serves as a remarkable stage for designers, manufacturers, buyers, and sellers to connect, collaborate, and innovate. The upcoming event is set to unfold its wonders at the India Expo Centre & Mart in Noida, bringing forth a captivating array of new styles, latest designs, and networking opportunities that are unparalleled.

International Ethnic Expo By Surat Dreams: All You Need To Know

How Julahaa Created History At Surat Dreams 2022-

A glimpse into the past showcases the excellence that the Surat Dreams Expo embodies. The 2022 edition witnessed an outstanding presentation by Julahaa, etching their name in history. With 45+ foreign models gracing the runway, the event attracted a staggering number of attendees, eagerly waiting to immerse themselves in the world of ethnic fashion. The high-profile ambience resonated with the grandeur of the event, and the guest honouring was nothing short of top-notch. Attendees were treated to unique snacks and refreshments that tantalized their taste buds, while two foreign musicians skillfully played soulful Indian melodies, adding an extra layer of cultural fusion to the event.

How Julahaa Made International Ethnic Expo 2022 a big hit!

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the International Ethnic Expo 2023 and explore the elements that make it truly exceptional:

45+ Foreign Models: A Grand Showcase of Diversity

The runway came alive with more than 45 foreign models, in different styles, trends, and backgrounds promising a visual treat that celebrated the beauty of multiculturalism.

300+ Waiting Line: Eager Anticipation

The event’s allure was so strong that it drew a waiting line of over 300+ attendees, eagerly anticipating the chance to step into a world of Julahaa’s fashion excellence.

High-Profile Ambience: Elegance Redefined

The ambience in Julahaa’s stall at the International Ethnic Expo was nothing short of high-profile. It exuded elegance, sophistication, and an air of exclusivity that enhanced the event’s stature. Every corner was meticulously designed to offer an experience that befitted this grand occasion.

Top-Notch Guest Honoring: Celebrating Excellence

The guest honouring ceremony was one of the main highlights of the event, where delegates from the ethnic fashion industry came together to celebrate its excellence.

Unique Snacks & Refreshments: A Culinary Delight

In addition to the fashion extravaganza, attendees were treated to unique and delectable snacks and refreshments. This culinary indulgence added an extra layer of enjoyment, ensuring that the senses were captivated not only by visual delights but also by the palate.

Harmonious Melodies: Foreign Musicians Playing Indian Music

The event’s cultural fusion was enhanced by the harmonious melodies produced by two foreign musicians playing soulful Indian tunes. This blend of global and local musical flavours created an enchanting backdrop that complemented the overall atmosphere.

The Grandest Stall: A Space of Innovation

Among the myriad stalls, one stood out— Julahaa’s grandest stall which boasted the most expansive space. It served as a canvas for innovation, inviting attendees to explore a plethora of designs and styles that epitomized creativity.

Gifts to International Delegates: Strengthening Bonds

International delegates were not just attendees; they were recipients of thoughtful gifts that bridged cultures and created lasting connections. This gesture signified the event’s commitment to nurturing global relationships within the industry.

1200+ Collections Unveiled: A Showcase of Creativity

The expo became a canvas for designers as they unveiled an impressive collection of more than 1200 creations. Each piece was a testament to our creativity, ingenuity, and relentless pursuit of innovation.

Ramp Walk Extravaganza: Models on Display

The runway takes centre stage as models graced the ramp, showcased the stunning collections with grace and confidence. This captivating spectacle served as a platform to witness fashion at its finest.

A Glimpse into the Future: Plans for Surat Dreams 2023

As the countdown begins for International Ethnic Week 2023, the anticipation is palpable. Julahaa has something extraordinary in store for this year’s event. The upcoming expo promises to be an even grander affair, a testament to the platform’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the world of ethnic fashion.


The International Ethnic Week 2023, hosted by Surat Dreams, is a celebration of diversity, creativity, and innovation. With its rich history of successful events, Surat Dreams continues to redefine the boundaries of the fashion industry. The event promises an extraordinary amalgamation of culture, artistry, and commerce, bringing together individuals who share a passion for fashion that goes beyond borders. As the spotlight shines on the upcoming event at the India Expo Centre & Mart in Noida, the stage is set for yet another chapter in the world of ethnic fashion, where dreams are woven into reality.

The International Ethnic Expo, or IEE, is not just an event; it’s a movement that fosters connections, celebrates cultures, and shapes the future of fashion. Stay tuned for International Ethnic Week 2023, an event that promises to be an embodiment of creativity, collaboration, and cross-cultural brilliance. It’s an experience that transcends words, an immersion into the world of fashion that knows no boundaries. So mark your calendars for August 21st and 22nd, 2023, and get ready to witness the magic of Surat Dreams’ International Ethnic Week in Greater Noida, India.

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