How ‘Julahaa’ changed the Surat textile industry’s landscape

Covid-19’s impact on India’s textile industry, especially Surat textile industry, gave rise to a more conscious consumer. Owing to the lockdowns, consumers are now making conscious choices about their shopping habits. Because of this, the market saw a substantial change in consumer attitudes and shopping behaviour. 

Preference towards locally-manufactured products, pre-evaluation of all purchases made, etc. is a consequence of the consumer making sustainable choices. This has now forced the brands to change their strategies; no more is the profit-only model sustainable, no more does the consumer blindly shop for goods based on advertisements.

Textile Business In Pre-covid Era

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‘Empty Endorsements’

Fashion is a fickle friend. It changes faces, styles, trends in a blink of an eye and leaves the old behind. Formerly, during the pre-covid era, the brand that endorsed the most got the most sales. And so, many businesses started black-hat tricks to manipulate the market in their favour.

Profit, the only motivation

Statistically speaking, almost all the top sarees brands in India collectively controlled over 55% of the saree market. For some of them to hold their dominance, their trade practices did not always favour ethicality.

Lack of greater ambitions 

Someone once said that ‘Money is a powerful motivator but not always the most useful.’ Lack of greater ambition behind the brand results in a lack of ‘emotional connect’ with the consumer which results in a soulless way of carrying out businesses.

Poor Working Conditions

A few years ago, over 100 people tragically lost their lives to a fire in a Bangladeshi garment factory. The aftermath of the fire highlighted the terrible conditions of the industry across the South-Asian continent.

Poorly lit & ventilated with cramped work environments in textile factories made the lives of workers uncomfortable & extremely unsafe. As a result, many workers ended up with ailments like chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and more. 

How did Julahaa change the landscape of the Surat textile industry?

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Focus on the science & technology aspect of textile

To begin with, Julahaa first introduced a trolley and forklift system to transport high-quality close to silk sarees from one place to another to preserve the integrity of the material. Along with this, Julahaa Sarees is the one to credit when speaking about the introduction of capital intensive machinery and technologically advanced machines into the saree industry.

New standard of working conditions for workers & employees in the textile industry

Being one of the best brands for traditional sarees 2021, Julahaa Sarees offers its hard-working employees with AC offices, working floors, well-lit and ventilated warehouse space with in-house meals & tea snacks. These are just some of the perks that Julahaa Sarees serves to its workforce.

Substance over empty style

Julahaa Sarees is one of the top saree manufacturers in Surat who practices a strict measure of control over its product quality and design. Even a thread’s worth of defects is cancelled from being shipped. Only the best, only the gorgeous pieces ever make it out of the Julahaa House.

Ambitions over money

Being a traditional sarees brand, Julahaa Sarees puts its ambitions higher than its profit. As can be seen by the below quote,

“Our aim is to see a Julahaa Saree in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. We won’t stop making perfect Indian heritage sarees until we have realised that goal.” 

Mr Sudarshan Budhia, Owner & Director of Julahaa Sarees


The textile industry is one of the largest industries in India amassing crores of rupees per annum in its turnover. Julahaa Sarees has revolutionized the saree industry by bringing in automation, the best quality of materials and much much more.

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