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Type Of Sarees From Tamil Nadu To Drape This Pongal

Celebrating festivals in our country is a tradition as old as time. As we are often known for our number of festivals, every single festival is different and special in its own way, just like; Pongal. Naturally, this festival is related to the harvesting of rice crops and not to mention, delicious food. Moreover, an opportunity to exhibit your wardrobe. So, here are some sarees from Tamil Nadu to drape this Pongal 2022:

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Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

Kanjeevaram sarees are not really new to the market. It is one of India’s most popular traditional silk sarees and is an evergreen option by every woman for festivals. Since the arrival of this gem, the confusion of “what to wear?” has been lost somewhere in the universe. So, if you are looking for something that can enhance your look without any possibility of mistake, then this traditional saree is what we have got for you. Not to mention that Julahaa sarees can be your option in the way of your choice.  

Kasavu Saree

Kasavu sarees are the most famous traditional sarees of South India. If you are not familiar with these types of saree, these are the white saree with the golden thick border. If you are a simple yet fashion lover with the garnishing of traditional touch, your wardrobe is probably waiting for this one only. Many people consider the Kasavu saree as the representation of the true culture.

Rasipuram Silk Saree

Most people aren’t aware of these types of silk saree. However, it isn’t something new today. Mostly, the working women at corporations wear these sarees. Because it has got a formal look due to its plain and simple colour and designs. Although, there are few sarees with temple borders and fluorescent colour which makes them perfect for traditional events.

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Madurai Cotton

Madurai cotton sarees are based on the cotton material as the name says. In the initial era of this saree, it has been made with the tie and dye method which is revolved with time resulting in the fabulous material and traditional designs on it. Usually, people consider silk sarees as the traditional ones, however, if you are looking for sarees from Tamil Nadu to drape this Pongal, then this light-weighted saree is rich in colours and is what you are actually looking for.  

Chettinad Saree

This amazing piece of saree is manufactured by the Devanga Chettiars of Tamil Nadu. If you are the person who feels discomfort wearing the sarees, this saree is for you. This Tamilian traditional saree is famous for absorbing sweat and remaining cool in hot weather. Moreover, these sarees are really thick in the material which makes them non-transparent. Come on, don’t be shy, when we have got your comfort.


Pongal is the perfect festival for Indians to give their gratitude towards the Sun God, Surya Dev. Women wear their best traditional saree for saree and cook the delicious pongal kheer for their family. There are a lot of interesting rituals attached to this most eco-friendly Indian festival, know all about them here.

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