why you should wear a saree

9 Powerful Reasons Why You Must Wear a Saree

Have you ever thought about the change a piece of fabric can bring to you and your overall personality? Well, it does happen when you wrap a 6-yard fabric. If you ask why you must wear a saree, then the answer is quite simple ctually. A saree, although an inanimate object, adds a new life to your aura and to your presence among people! A saree emits some extra influential power that can add many stars to you!

Many people refrain from wearing a saree for a multiple reasons. One of them is a lack of practice. We can’t say your first saree drape experience will be flawless but once you don a saree, there is no quite anything like it. If you still some motivation to wear a saree, check out these nine powerful reasons why you must wear a saree

1. Brings Out Elegance: 

Saree brings out that sense of elegance to your look, the way sugar brings out the flavour of any desert! It transforms your sudden casual appearance into an elegance that you have never imagined! Universally, a black saree is the symbol of elegance and sophistication. 

2. Beauty you never thought you can be: 

Wearing a saree properly will help you radiate your beauty from within. Moreover, this 6-yard fabric can change the entire beauty of the person standing before a mirror. Ever wonder what white or nude shade saree can do to your appearance if you’re fair complexion. 

3. Energises Your Aura:

Some clothes repress your natural aura. Generally, these are the types of clothes that are ill-fitted or make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, a saree strengthens your aura by a considerable degree. To discover the effects of clothing on your body, check out the spiritual importance of wearing a saree!

4. Increases Confidence: 

Black is the colour of confidence. Especially for people with curvy bodices, a saree helps to streamline the entire the look through its well-folded pleats and pallu. 

5. Enables Figure Contouring: 

Saree actually contours your figure, thereby, giving you a slim figure with an outline that you had previously only imagined! Darker shades of colors like navy blue, black, dark brown, or any other dark shade contours your figure to a great extent. 

6. Makes You Look Approachable:

Unlike in jeans & tshirt, an average person is more likely to approach a lady in saree first as opposed to any other western outfit including trousers, blouse, etc. The reason behind this is simple – a woman in a saree looks more mature and well put together and hence, she looks more approachable.

7. Gives You a Sense of Pride: 

Wearing a saree represents your pride in your culture and tradition. It is accepted as an appropriate garment for all pujas, events, occasions and more.

8. Status Symbol: 

Saree can actually create a status symbol and can mark your territory over it. Our country is famous for its tradition, its culture. Saree is something that actually works wonders for all the ladies not only of our nation but also of other countries. 

9. Influences Foreign Nationals: 

Saree is creating attraction within other people from far away lands too. This is because the foreigners are adopting this culture given to the consideration of its beauty. 

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All I would like to sum up is what a saree can do to you and to others hearts (jokes apart), no short dress or any other outfit can even compete against it! 

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