Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities in Indian Saree Look

Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities in Indian Saree Look

Indian saree look is the most beautiful look for a woman, whatever be her age or body type. It is sensational, ethnic and very chic. Every film industry is the centre of fashion creativity. Saree is now no longer limited to Indian wardrobes only as many Hollywood celebrities drape the 6-yards of elegance time and again. So many of the Hollywood celebrities have pulled on the overall look of a designer Saree – the graceful six yards. 

When Hollywood celebrities wear something, it totally comes out as a new fashion. People follow them from all over the world. These celebrities wore Indian Saree brands at special occasions, fashion shows, press conferences and red carpet events.

Let’s have a look at a couple of celebrities who swayed in Sarees!

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Pamela Anderson

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The former Baywatch actress, Pamela Anderson wore a perfect and lovely white saree when she made an entry into the Indian television show Big Boss. As a result, she led the TRPs to go up with the way she carried herself in the prominent white saree.

Paris Hilton

The multi-millionaire socialite & entrepreneur, Paris Hilton, is known for her fashion sense, social love and for her love of singing. Moreover, when she came to India to promote her brand of luxury items, she looked attractive in her elegant grey saree with rich embroidery and lace. Paris was dressed up by eminent designer Tarun Tahiliani in an amazing saree embossed with pearls.

Angelina Jolie

Hollywood actress Angeline Jolie has never flipped away from her fashion looks on the red carpet or movies. She has donned the Indian saree look by wearing sarees several times and has always aced the look.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz with this glaring smile in a black saree is just perfect for a classical Indian look. Being a tall woman, the saree suited perfectly and the contrast of the black saree against her porcelain skin did wonders all around. A true spectacle to behold.

Halle Berry

Do you remember Halle Berry’s look from the movie, ‘Cloud Atlas’? She pulls off the complete Indian look in a red saree with proper bangles, nose pin and the mehendi. She looked attractive.

Jessica Alba

Unknown to many but the once-famous Jessica Alba pulled off the Orange Saree look in her film, ‘The Love Guru’. Moreover, she also danced to Indian beats in that scene. The movie may not have been good but this scene was immortalised forever.

Selena Gomez

A few years ago, Selena Gomez visited Nepal and once there she didn’t shy from absorbing the traditional culture of the land. Moreover, Popstar Selena Gomez looked very beautiful and just like a real Indian girl in a maroon saree on her visit to Nepal. She pulled on the Indian avatar with a bindi and red bangles. She is a big fan of Indian culture and its fashion.

Lady Gaga

One of the most popular singers, Lady Gaga, looked remarkable in white Tarun Tahiliani’s saree during one of her performances in India. Moreover, she looked amazing in the Saree and the metallic belt made it look really chic. She opted for a no jewellery look and looked more like a queen.

Elizabeth Hurley

Hollywood Diva Elizabeth Hurley rocks her look in whatever she wears. For instance, she looks extraordinary in a pink chick designer saree with a sexy cut choli, decorated zari work over the pink base and a lace border. Elizabeth Hurley wore a saree several times as she was married to Arun Nayar. Whenever she wore a saree she always swayed the look.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nichole Scherzinger may have definitely confronted the boys with her gorgeous look in a black saree with gold borders.

Are you not glad to see the Hollywood actresses wearing our nine yards for their fashion? What’s more, is that all the Hollywood celebrities who wore sarees while on their trip to the Indian sub-continent not merely did for the fashion but also to better acclimate their bodies to the Indian climate. Here’s how a saree helps women regulate their body temperature.

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