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Step-By-Step Guide: How To Wear A Traditional Bengali Saree

Do you love the weaves of Bengal? Well, why wouldn’t you? Since a traditional Bengali saree is a mixture of true elegance and traditional beauty, it enamours countless women across the country with its simplicity and elegance. Be it Silk or cotton, Bengal handloom sarees defines your beauty, your height, your figure, your elegance and everything about you with words coated in ‘chashni’ of Roshgulla! 

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Today, we will look at the step-by-step guide on how to drape a Bengali bridal saree for that finished, gracious look- 

1. Select your saree:

Decide which saree you want to achieve the Bangla bridal look with! 

2. Keep it wrinkle-free:

Iron your saree well so that you can have a crease-free finished look on the go.

3. Ready your accessories:

Go ahead and mix-and-match your Bengali saree with a matching blouse and petticoat. Wear the footwear you wish to decide the full height of the saree. 

4. Drape it up:

Here you start your draping! Tuck in one end of the saree at the centre of your belly or towards a little left. Keep tucking it and complete one circle and bring it towards your belly centre again. 

6. Pick your pleats:

Now, take the other end of the saree and start making pleats of it, if it’s a broad border you can make broad pleats, and if not you can opt for the narrow one.

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7. Halfway done:

Now fix your pleated pallu over your left shoulder with a safety pin and check the length of it, make sure your pallu touches the floor, in short, your pallu should end where the sole of your heels begin.

8. The front pleats:

Now that your pallu is sitting securely over your shoulder, it’s time to start working over your front pleats. Your front pleats will be broader than the normal pleated saree, it should be broader like from almost one mid-point of your thigh to the mid-point of your other thigh, tuck them in. You will get 3-4 such pleats. 

9. Almost there!

Now the extra portion that is left between your centre pleats and pallu, don’t let it fly with air, drape it around your side love handle and secure it on your back! 

10. Finishing touches:

Tiring? Don’t worry, almost there. Now that you are done with it, finish your Bangla bridal look by taking one end of your pallu and making 2-3 small pleats and tucking it over your right shoulder, you can also tuck it simply without making any pleats. 

11. You’re good to go!

Your Bangla saree draping is done, you can now go for your complete makeup and accessories to pair up with, to define your waist, you can tie a waistband over your saree to complete it with a more finished look! 

Wow, did you just check yourself out in the mirror? You are looking like a goddess. More and more hearts to you! 

Tip: To have that one hassle-free time of your life, secure your saree pleats with more safety pins. 

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