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Spiritual Benefits Of Wearing A Saree

When it comes to spiritual benefits of wearing a saree, not many can say they know what kind of benefits a saree brings. Saree, a widely-used attire by Indian women since time immemorial, is now facing a certain decline by the masses.

The collective fashion taste is delving towards western clothing like gowns, dresses and frocks, meanwhile limiting the use of saree for special occasions only. In this blog, we will discover the spiritual benefits you gain when you wear a saree regularly and how it affects your energy.

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Spiritual Importance Behind Wearing Clothes:

The earth’s magnetic field contains both negative and positive forces. It is from the negative energies that humans need to protect their bodies.

Unknown to many, clothes shield our bodies and defend us from unfriendly energies. Now, humans possess a certain magnetic field that radiates out of them. A person can even direct these magnetic fields towards other humans intentionally and/or unintentionally.

For example, when a person stares at anyone with anger, envy, lust; it starts a continuous flow of low-level energies to that person’s body. So, if you wear a saree with a mindful intention, then it may help you avoid those energies as well as protect your spirit from unwanted violations. 

These were the real purposes of clothing.

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How the spiritual benefits of wearing a saree are being ignored:

Currently, sarees have such an affinity for the grandeur that you can spot them only on high-profile formal occasions like marriages, festivals or parties. Sarees have even made a niche as an up-class designer dress.

As a result, not many women wear sarees for utilitarian purposes anymore. If they don’t wear it regularly, then the spiritual benefits of wearing a saree don’t reach them.

Reasons of which range from increased physical activity, and greater responsibility in general to shifting the image of stereotypical women. Lesser use of sarees is also because many find them difficult to wear and manage.

Spiritual Benefits Behind Wearing a Saree:

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It is a well-known fact that humans possess two life-giving elements i.e. Energy & Consciousness. Energy is considered female in nature while Consciousness is considered male. Since energy has a natural movement of a circular motion, in a healthy body too, energies keep moving in a circular motion.

Any energy coming towards our body first comes in contact with our clothes and then enters the body finally reaching the internal organs. We drape a saree around our bodies in a circular motion and so when any energy touches the saree, it travels in circles thereby helping the energy to move in the correct way. 

Negative energies are heavy in nature, so much so that they cannot move around a lot. Since the saree’s length is approximately 6-9 yards, the negative energies experience a decrease in their momentum and end up entangling in the cloth itself.

Consequently, when you wear a saree, it prevents the negative energy from touching your skin. Subsequently, when you wash a saree, its residual energy comes back to neutral.

Spiritual Benefit Behind Leaving The Midriff Open While Wearing A Saree

This has a scientific reason behind it as well. In ancient texts, the stomach area had been termed the “Brahmasthan” of the body. It receives an abundance of life force energy from the Universe and thus, it must always remain open.

One should note that when a woman is pregnant with a child, the fetus receives its life-supporting nutrients from the placenta.

This life force is what gives the placenta the energy to grow and form tissue, mass and bones. The placenta’s one end connects to the wall of the mother’s womb while the other end is connected to the navel of the fetus.

Now, if we observe the macrocosm, especially the older housing blueprints, then we will observe that people always left the central part of their house open to the sky. This area AKA the ‘Aangan’ or the “Brahmasthan”, provides light, air and wind to the entirety of the house.


Whatever status the sarees have today in our society, they were once considered sacred garments. One which helped conduct the cosmic energy around the wearer’s body. It is saddening to observe that people are adopting the western culture deeply and forgetting their own. Sarees and dhotis have been worn by our people since ancient times and our puranas and shastras are proof that they were more advanced than us. Then what might be the harm of taking notes from our ancestors rather than anyone else? The aim of this blog is to help the reader discover the Spiritual benefits of Wearing a Saree. What are your reasons for wearing a saree?

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