5+ Bengali Sarees To Wear For A Wedding

Day by day traditions are changing, but the most attractive tradition that is not changing is a Saree. This tradition started from the Indus Valley Civilization and is still rampant amongst women of the South Asian continent, especially in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. Draping a saree requires skill but to drape a saree in different styles requires even a higher level of skill. When we think about sarees, women visualize Banarsi or South Kanjivaram Sarees in almost all cases. They rarely talk about weaves of Bengal cotton and silk sarees. But traditional Bengali Sarees are now back in trend and we can not be more thrilled.

Top Bengali Saree Look in Bollywood Movies:

If you remember the movie Devdas, you will remember how beautifully the movie portrayed the iconic Bengali fashion with Aishwarya Rai & Madhuri Dixit in the lead. Also, Vidya Balan’s portrayal of a Bengali woman in the movie, Parineeta, garnered applause from every fashion critic and blogger of the country.

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Types of Bengali Silk Sarees in India:

The Bengali saree drape is really a unique style to wear. But, when women talk about Bengali sarees, they just know about Baluchari saree.

However, in this article, you will know that there are many other sarees to wear for a Wedding Occasion. Keep reading to know about more traditional Bengali Sarees.

Tant, Baluchari, Matka Silk, or Tussar Silk, every Bengali Saree is beautiful to wear. Now if you are thinking that how to drape this saree, so that’s why we are here to help you.

Bengali Sarees to Wear for a Wedding Occasion

Here are the top 30 Authentic Bengali Sarees:

1. Tussar Silk Bengali Sarees

It is popularly known as ‘Kosa Silk’. Tussar Silk emerges from the humble town of Malda which is the main source of Tussar variety of Silk.  It is an excellent Bengali saree that Bengali women love to drape. The silk is very is sharp in nature, as it is cultured from the mulberry hives and is assembled into a variety of silk sarees from Bengal. The silk is pure gold in colour and looks rich.

Preferred Occasions: Festivals, Parties, Ethnic Wear, Pre-wedding shoots, Reception and Cocktail

2. The Korial Bengali Sarees

Korial is the well-known Bengali sarees out there. Korial sarees are generally white in colour with a red border and the name shows that it is ‘spotless and clear’. All the Bengali women would have at least one Korial saree.

The simplicity of the saree is admired by married women during Durga Puja and they love to wear it. The addition of a red bindi and a bun enhances the look of this Saree.· 

Preferred Occasions: Weddings and Receptions

3. The Garad Silk Saree

Garad saree is very alike to the Korial Bengali Sarees. If you are a beginner buying one, you would not know the difference. Garad sarees have borders in brighter red colour shades and Mostly the designs are of flowers, these are the only differences between the two.

4. Murshidabad Silk Saree

Bengal silk is also popular about which very few people are aware of. Murshidabad Silk – one of the most luxurious silk saris is a fine art, which makes it less astonishing when deciding which traditional Bengali Saree to wear for a wedding. It comes in the historic Murshidabad Tussar Silk. If you like artwork, you will love it, as it eminently displays very beautiful pictures, all hand-painted, all on the top of the border and pallu. These sarees are an all-rounder, you can wear them in both casual wear or bigger events.

Preferred Occasions: Evening Parties

5. Dhakai Jamdani

Dhakai Jamdani arose from the town of Dhaka, in Bangladesh. Before the partition, it was a part of the great Bengal saree clan. These are well known in Bengal. Knitted from very fine cotton and woven by hand, the touch and feel of Dhakai Jamdani are really flexible and soft. A fascinating thing is that Jamdani refers to a design or print style that is unique to the saree.

Preferred Occasions: Weddings, High Profiled Events, and Parties

6. Baluchari Saree

Baluchari Saree has emerged from the Murshidabad area and from a village known as Baluchari. It is a highly prized thing among women, especially for those who love sarees. It is one of the most admirable weaves which displays the skill of the artisans. Floral designs run throughout its body and the pallu of the saree has a picture of mythological scenes from Indian culture which include Mahabharata and Ramayana. You can get this amazing saree from Julahaa SareesBaluchari Sarees Manufacturers. They are the best Baluchari Sarees Suppliers.

Preferred Occasions: Weddings and Grand Events

7. Tant Saree

Tant is made from cotton, making them very light and soft fabric that you can wear when attending a wedding in the summery seasons of the year. This white and bordered sari is a traditional piece that every Bengali woman would have with her. It is usual to spot Bengali women wearing at the time of the Durga Puja festival in Bengal.

Preferred Occasions: Work Wear and Casual Events.

We hope you found these 7 Bengali Sarees for Wedding Occasion fascinating. Each Saree will give you a different feel.  While draping a Bengali Saree may look tough, but with practice, you can become an expert. Keep exploring new styles and create new trends for Wedding Occasions at Julahaa Sarees, the top Saree supplier in India.

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