6 Sarees To Flaunt This Pongal Festival

India is a land where people honour & celebrate various traditions and festivals with fervour and joy. Whether it be Holi or Christmas or Pongal, the people of India unite as one during festivities and it is one of the most beautiful things about being an Indian. Now in 2021, as the new year comes knocking in, women are gearing up to show their stylish persona for the Pongal festival. Speaking of New Year, apart from the western ideology of a new year that falls on 31st December annually, the traditional Indian New Year, in South India, is ‘Pongal’.

What is Pongal?


Pongal festival is the sign of the beginning of the new harvest and the end of the winter season. People celebrate this harvest festival in different parts of India as Lohri, Uttrayan, Gudi Padwa, Khichdi, and Makar Sankranti. Pongal is associated with crop harvesting and is dedicated to Sun God, Lord Surya. People of Tamil Nadu across the world celebrate Pongal for four days straight.

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On this day people make delicious food, worship God and wear lovely South Indian outfits. Men wear dhoti and Angvastram while women wear South India Half Sarees or silk sarees. If you want to look like a modern woman at this festival then here are some Pongal outfits for you:

1. Half Sarees

A south Indian festival is incomplete without draping the regionally famous ‘Half Sarees’. This popular outfit is also Pavadadavani. It consists of a long flared skirt, a blouse, and a dupatta. The dupatta is draped in a saree style, hence the name, Half Saree. It is best paired with pearl and Kundan chain which is very much in trend these days.

2. Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Whenever it comes to the name of rich south Indian Sarees, Kanjeevaram Silk is the first one we think of. Kanjeevaram is one the best silks of Tamil Nadu as these silk sarees come with rich work of gold and silver threads that gives you the most stylish look. You can also pair up the saree with a brocade blouse and gold temple jewellery. You can also give a stylish hair look with a smooth bun and accessorize with a gajra.

3. Banarsi Pattu

If your origin lies in Northern India but you are enthusiastic about this harvest festival then a Banarsi Pattu is our recommendation. It is always the best and well-known saree in the festive season. It is embellished with delicate embroidery work that adds grace to a saree. Generally, thread work and pallu are laced with pure silver and gold thread. Newly married women can choose to style Banarsi Pattu this Pongal.

4. Kanchipuram Saree

The leading Kanchipuram Saree belongs to Tamil Nadu, the famous city for selling sarees. It looks really attractive on festive occasions. It is a hand-loomed saree that conveys the beautiful artwork woven with pure cotton threads. Kanchipuram saree style has stunning designs and is also an affordable one. You should definitely possess it this Pongal festival.

5. Upadda Silk Saree

A silk saree is suitable for any occasion. Upadda silk saree is light, so it is easy to hold and drape. And it spun in Andhra Pradesh. It will be the best way to celebrate Makar Sakranti by valuing the work of local handlooms. Pair it with a beautiful Guttapusalu necklace. It is a traditional one but looks like very modern artwork.

6. Kasavu Sarees

Kasavu Sarees are South Indian white saree with a golden border. It does not have any kind of embroidery or work done on it. A white gajra on hair can grace your look in this saree.

So, here we are, these are our 6 recommendations of Pongal outfits that you can try this season. We hope it does not disappoint you. Also, let us know in the comments down below which of these outfits are you going to try?

Happy Pongal!

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