Exquisite Silk Sarees That Give You A Regal Look

One traditional outfit for women that crosses everyone’s mind when it comes to various festivities is either a brand new or a hereditary Silk Saree.  Women wear them at weddings, gift them to their loved ones at special events, they pass them on to their young Daughters and Daughters-in-law. Sarees, in India, are not just attire, it’s a way of life. In this blog, we will list out some top exquisite silk sarees that give you a regal look. 

Silk Sarees – The Spiritual Importance

People also consider Silk sarees as extremely sacred and auspicious. They offer sarees to honour their Goddesses and to show respect to the elder women of the family. According to one of the prominent Hindu Mythologies, Silk clothing has the ability to attract and store electromagnetic energy. The friction between the body and the silk clothes produces an electrostatic attraction. It has a favourable effect on the devotee’s psyche, resulting in a more spiritual experience. 

Silk and its connection with Heritage

Something which always leaves us in awe is that even after decades and centuries of its gloriousness, a pure Silk Saree would still receive similar importance in the Fashion Industry. Young Girls around the country, across various cultures, hoard their grandma’s decades-old Silk Sarees with excitement, which is phenomenal. Mothers are buying new Silk Sarees for a Regal look and to save them for New Generations. 

Nature of Exquisite Silk Sarees

Silk is a natural protein fibre and one can wear its sarees unstitched. No other fibre can produce the same effect or weaving pattern as silk. This makes it versatile as a fabric. Silk fibre, the natural protein fibre, easily combines with different yarns and weavers can dye it in a variety of ways. Weavers use cotton-silk blends in many sarees. On the other hand, Zari and brocade are saree essentials that are a result of a combination of silk and metallic thread. Silk sarees’ spectacular effects and colours are therefore hard to replicate in other fibres. Unlike synthetic fabrics, it is not sleek or flimsy. On the other hand, many weavers use pure mulberry silk threads in about 97% of Indian silk sarees. Brocades, Mashru, Amru, as well as other varieties of silk fabrics are accessible, according to the type of weaving method used.

Here are some Exquisite Silk Sarees options from all over India That Give You A Regal Look:

Banarasi Silk Sarees – Uttarpradesh

A Heavy Banarasi Silk Saree is traditionally woven on Jacquard Pit looms. Gold and silver brocade or Zari, fine silk, and lavish embroidery characterise these sarees. Different floral and foliate motifs, kalga and bel, a string of upright leaves called jhallar at the outer edge of the border on such Sarees often end up being a Valuable Asset for an Indian Bride. Weavers can take up to 15 days to 6 months to make these sarees perfectly. It has great significance in North India and especially in Uttarpradesh. Henceforth, a great choice for a royal look. 

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees – Tamil Nadu

An ethnic Kanjivaram saree woven with exquisite mulberry yarns, shimmering zari accents, and timeless elegance of temple inspired embellishments, straight from Kanchipuram’s cultural heritage. Most women in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh wear these sarees as brides and on various special occasions. The direct involvement of approx 5000 families in Tamil Nadu in Silk Saree Production makes it easily available and exquisite. What distinguishes it from other Sarees is that its body and border are woven separately and then strongly joined together. If you’re seeking something different and extravagant, these sarees are a must-have.

Chanderi Silk Sarees – Madhya Pradesh

A lightweight yet elegant, brightly coloured chanderi saree is the best for a Summer Wedding or a Summer Indian Cocktail Party. Chanderi patterns incorporate traditional currency, floral art, peacocks, and modern geometric shapes making it eligible for that regal, rich look you’re looking for. It is prominent in the Northern Parts of India and its origin is in Chanderi, an idyllic town situated between two different cultures of the state Malwa and Bundelkhand. Initially, the Koshti weavers from Jhansi migrated to Chanderi and settled there. The lightweight nature comes from the mixture of Pure silk with Chanderi cotton and Silk cotton. It’s indeed popular among young women because of its glossy, transparent, and sheer texture.

Patola Silk Sarees – Gujarat

You can wear a Patan Patola Silk Saree for Bengal’s Durga Pujo with a red blouse for a perfect regal look. To create the design on Patola saris, dyed threads are woven both vertically (warp) and horizontally (weft). Weavers dye the fabric in a design, and when they sew the together, the dye marks align giving rise to the pattern. Salvi family in Patan, to date, weave and design these sarees for Royal Families. Many call this saree a Double Ikat Woven Silk Saree, and before dying these gems, bundles of thread are deliberately tied. Indigenous artisans in Indonesia greatly value this saree for its weaving. The geometric patterns on these sarees are what make them so popular and traditional.

Paithani Silk Sarees – Maharashtra

A Saree woven with Gold, Zari and Silk are well-known for their plain weave and weft figuring designs according to the principles of Tapestry. Marathi Women of all ages wear these sarees during Ganesh Chaturthi and other prominent Indian Festivals. Silk threads like Charkha, Ciddle Gatta and China Silk are used along with a coloured Muslin Silk. If you want to get that regal sophisticated look or give someone an experience of a royalesque gift, then the perfect combination of Golden Threads and Pure Silver Zari is the way to go. The Artisans are located in the Paithan Town in Aurangabad District of Maharashtra and are highly influenced by the Ajanta Caves. Hence, Buddhist paintings can be seen in the woven Paithani motifs.

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