randeep hooda and lin laishram posing for their wedding pic wearing traditional Manipuri wedding attire

Here’s How Randeep Hooda’s Wedding Is Touching Millions Of Millennials

In the glamorous realm of Bollywood, the captivating Randeep Hooda takes centre stage. With looks that can charm audiences through diverse roles, he unfolds a beautiful narrative, a love story unlike any other. His charismatic presence intertwines seamlessly with the radiant spirit of Manipuri beauty, Lin Laishram. Embracing the culture of the Meitei community in North East India, their journey of happiness unfolds in the capital city of Imphal, Manipur. In this blog, we dive deep into Randeep & Lin’s traditional Manipuri wedding and share some tidbits about this event that will make you appreciate this #shaadisaga even more! Here’s how Randeep Hooda’s wedding is touching millions of millennials. 

This is more than a love story; it celebrates respecting each other’s culture and tradition, a beautiful union that transcends boundaries and unites as one. Step into the enchanting world of a fairy tale, where love gracefully dances with emotions, weaving a magic of romance within the rich fabric of India’s unique traditions. 

Who Is Randeep Hooda’s Lady Love?


Randeep Hooda’s wife, Lin Laishram, hails from Manipur and is a lovely businesswoman. Fondly known as the “lady sunshine” in Randeep’s life, Lin is not only an actress, but a model with an experience in modelling in New York, one of the toughest landscapes for a model.

She is also a former brand ambassador for the New York-based brand Ozoru. Ozoru is a jewellery-based brand in New York. Lin Laishram, with her versatile talents, made a notable presence in the movie “Mary Kom,” sharing the screen with the acclaimed Priyanka Chopra. In this cinematic venture, she showcased her acting prowess, bringing depth and authenticity to her role. Simultaneously, beyond the realms of the silver screen, Lin has demonstrated her prowess in archery, holding the prestigious title of Junior National Champion. Her achievements in archery speak to her dedication, skill, and ability to excel in diverse arenas, showcasing the multi-faceted nature of her talents.

Naseeruddin Shah – The Reason Behind This Cultural Wedding?


We all know that Naseeruddin Shah is a  Bollywood legend. He’s not just an amazing actor but also a mentor who guides thousands of aspiring actors & actresses in his institution. Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram found themselves under his wing known as Motley, during their theatre days. In this nurturing space, their friendship blossomed into a deeper connection, eventually blossoming into a serious relationship that culminated in a beautiful wedding. When speaking of Randeep Hooda’s wedding, one could say that Naseeruddin Shah played the matchmaker in this one!

Gentlemen, Draw Inspiration From Randeep Hooda’s Language Of Love!

Randeep Hooda showcased to us a fresh lens on the matter of love and how love evolves and adapts from time to time. He embraced his lady’s culture, wanting to be connected and respectful to the rich traditions of India. Recognizing the importance of respecting and acknowledging women, he highlighted the “deep-rooted tradition of honouring and loving women in our culture”. In Randeep’s world, love and respect go hand in hand, weaving a beautiful tapestry of tradition and connection.

Lin Laishram Takes The Lead In Weaving Their Destinies, Literally!

In the beautiful Manipuri tradition, the act of weaving a garland by the bride takes on a special significance. It’s not just a symbolic gesture; it’s a carefully curated ritual representing the desire for a long and blissful life together. What adds to the charm is that the wisdom of elders within the family guides this intricate process. The elders mentor, imparting their knowledge and blessings, creating a beautiful metaphor for a lifetime of happiness and joy. And so, in Randeep Hooda’s wedding with Lin, the latter followed in the footsteps of her tradition and weaved their wedding garlands herself.

The Unique Rituals Of Lin Laishram & Randeep Hooda’s Wedding

1. Circle of Bliss:

In a unique twist, Manipuri tradition sees women taking seven blissful circles around their husbands. This ritual, symbolic of unity and everlasting love, adds a touch of enchantment to the matrimonial ceremony, echoing the harmony between Randeep and Lin.

2. Veiled Anticipation:

Adding an air of mystery, post the engagement ceremony, Randeep and Lin adhered to a tradition where they refrained from setting eyes on each other until the wedding day. This anticipation heightened the excitement, infusing the atmosphere with an element of jovial suspense and traditional charm.

3. Tulsi’s Sacred Embrace:

The Tulsi plant, considered sacred in Indian tradition, played a pivotal role in Randeep and Lin’s nuptials. The seating arrangement and altar were meticulously designed, encircling the Tulsi, signifying its importance in fostering a sacred and spiritually significant union.

4. Taki Fish: Symbolism in Motion:

After the Pheras, a captivating ritual unfolded. Women from both sides of the family released a pair of Taki fish into the waters. These aquatic beings symbolise the essence of the bride and groom, swimming together in the vast sea of marital life, a beautiful representation of their union.

The functions are completed five days after the wedding when a grand feast is organised at the bride’s house prepared and served by Brahmins.

A Manipuri wedding decor is a burst of vibrant colours like reds and blues, with a flowery entrance. Traditional motifs and scripts decorate the venue, and a lively dance floor sets a festive mood. Elements from the Yaosang festival, like colourful powders, add fun, and Manipuri textiles and lotus themes bring in cultural charm. Overall, it’s a simple, colourful, and culturally rich setting.

Takeaway Tips For Fashion Designers

The Manipuri wedding not only dazzles with its spectacular ambience but also boasts iconic designs that leave a lasting impression. Women’s fashion, in particular, steals the spotlight with its unique elements.

The wedding gown, a masterpiece of Manipuri design, draws inspiration from the mythological drama of Lord Krishna and Radha. This symbolic touch infuses the attire with a deeper meaning, reflecting the divine love that echoes through the ages.

Women wear vibrant Phanek skirts and Innaphi shawls adorned with traditional patterns. The iconic drum-shaped Potloi is reminiscent of the divine figures of Lord Krishna and Radha in their ‘Raasleela’. This artistic choice not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of the wedding but also weaves mythology into the fabric of the celebration.

The floral Kokyet headdress adds a unique symbolism, while Thunbi necklaces and Mukna bangles complete the whole ensemble. The makeup is subtle, emphasizing simplicity, making the attire a beautiful reflection of Manipur’s cultural heritage.

The headgear worn during the Manipuri wedding is a striking representation straight from the Hindu scriptures, standing as a symbol of rich Indian tradition It serves as more than just an accessory; it becomes a visual ode to the rich cultural heritage, making a bold statement about tradition and its timeless influence on fashion.

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Mahabharata Offered Us Timeless Insights. Again!

Much like countless Indians, Randeep Hooda found inspiration in the Mahabharata when navigating crucial life decisions Randeep Hooda stated:- “Taking a leaf out of Mahabharata where Arjuna married Manipuri warrior princess Chitrangada, we are getting married with the blessing from our family and friends” Illuminated by the epic’s teachings, he dedicated himself to embodying the spirit of Arjun, one of the Pandavas. Arjun’s union with a Manipuri queen became a poignant source of motivation for Randeep, shaping his journey with a blend of romantic inspiration and real-life commitment to his wife.


Redefining tradition where love transcends boundaries is a true example from the world of Bollywood where one of the most handsome and talented hunks, Randeep Hooda, made us fall in love again with our beautiful tradition. How diverse and indigenous culture our country India stands for! The highly traditional and beautiful wedding of Randeep Hooda & Lin Laishram will always be an inspiration to millions of millennials, who very much like their generation are rooted in their culture but aim for the sky!

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