Julahaa’s CGI Ad Campaign Taking Indian Textile Industry to New Heights


In a groundbreaking move that has taken the Indian textile industry by storm, Surat-based saree brand Julahaa Sarees has successfully executed a CGI ad campaign that has captivated the imagination of millions. In this article, we will explore how Julahaa’s CGI ad campaign is taking the Indian Textile Industry to new heights.

With a stunning video depicting a colossal rendering of a paithani saree being flown over the sky with the assistance of two helicopters, Julahaa Sarees has become the first B2B brand in the Indian textile industry to embrace the trend of 3-D CGI advertising. 

The campaign features popular Marathi actress Nehha Pendse, and its spectacular visual effects have generated a massive response on social media platforms like Instagram, propelling the brand to new heights of popularity.

The Rise of CGI Advertising

In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift in the world of marketing and advertising towards the utilization of advanced computer-generated imagery (CGI). This technology allows brands to bring their products to life in creative and visually stunning ways, capturing the attention of audiences and elevating their brand image.

Julahaa Sarees recognized the potential of CGI advertising and decided to break new ground in the textile industry by implementing this cutting-edge technology. By infusing their promotional video with mesmerizing visual effects, they have managed to capture the imagination of both customers and industry insiders alike.

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World Saree Day 2023: Launch Of A Spectacular CGI Ad Campaign

On World Saree Day i.e. 21st December, Julahaa Sarees released their CGI ad video across all their social media channels and it went viral!

As of this day, the video has amassed over 8 million views, almost 100 thousand likes and 28 thousand shares! 

The centrepiece of the campaign is undoubtedly the larger-than-life paithani saree soaring through the sky, held aloft by two helicopters. This eye-catching visual establishes a sense of grandeur and opulence, immediately drawing viewers’ attention and igniting their curiosity. The saree’s intricate design and vibrant colours are vividly showcased, leaving no doubt about the craftsmanship and quality that Julahaa Sarees represents.

Featured in the video is renowned Marathi actress Nehha Pendse, whose presence enhances the brand’s connection with the target audience. Nehha Pendse’s popularity and the elegance she embodies make her the perfect choice for Julahaa Sarees, elevating the brand’s image and appeal.

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Social Media Outpouring

The impact of Julahaa Sarees’ CGI ad campaign is truly evident in the social media realm. The video, posted on Instagram, has amassed over 8 million views and thousands of comments. Users from diverse backgrounds have flooded the comment section, expressing awe, admiration, and even playful banter.


One noteworthy comment that has gained significant attention jokes about the gigantic saree being sent by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, also known as “Meloni.” This humorous remark highlights the viral nature of the campaign, as it has permeated popular culture and initiated light-hearted conversations among viewers.

Bridging The Gap Between Traditions & Latest Trends

The saree is seen as a highly traditional style of clothing. The increasingly Western-influenced society is understandably straying away from traditional clothing but Julahaa Sarees, India’s fastest-growing saree brand is all about bridging that gap with the help of unrestrained creativity and positive intent and this CGI ad proves it.

Julahaa’s CGI Ad Campaign: Pioneering Innovation in the Textile Industry

Julahaa Sarees has undeniably established itself as a trailblazer in the Indian textile industry, making a significant breakthrough with its CGI ad campaign. By embracing cutting-edge technology and capitalizing on the trend of 3-D CGI advertising, the brand has managed to revolutionize the way sarees are promoted and perceived.

The success of this campaign not only sets Julahaa Sarees apart from its competitors but also encourages other brands within the textile industry to explore innovative marketing techniques. Through their ambition and willingness to take risks, Julahaa Sarees has provided the impetus for the industry to evolve and adapt to growing consumer demands.


Julahaa Sarees has undoubtedly disrupted the traditional advertising landscape in the Indian textile industry by executing a first-of-its-kind CGI ad campaign. By staying in tune with the emerging trend of 3-D CGI advertising, Julahaa Sarees has showcased its commitment to innovation and creativity.

As the comment section of their Instagram account continues to explode with engagement and banter, it is undeniable that Julahaa Sarees has struck a chord with their audience. Their pioneering spirit sets a new benchmark for the industry, urging brands to embrace technological advancements and also drawing considerable attention towards the saree industry.

In a world where attention is increasingly difficult to capture, Julahaa Sarees has proven that pushing boundaries can yield immense rewards, resonating with consumers and placing the brand at the forefront of the Indian textile industry’s digital revolution.

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