Chettinad Silk Saree: Origin, Motifs, Weaving Method

Chettinad is a place well known as KaraiKudi in Tamil Nadu. It is the originating point of the Chettinad silk saree. The rich Nagarathar community of Chettinad introduced the Kandangi Sari, the Chettinad weave. Chettinad is also known as Kandangi sarees and is primarily made of cotton, these days pure silk is also included. It is traditional to wear for a new generation. The silk variations were taken for special occasions, weddings, and ceremonies. While cotton is for everyday wear.

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These Sarees are always of the highest quality. Also, Chettinad weave, owing to its uniqueness, has got a ‘Geographical Indicator’ tag from the Government of India. Chettinad weaves come with a bold checks pattern. South Indian people mainly drape this saree on any occasion since it is so simple to wear and also for its traditional look.

Origin of Chettinad Silk Saree

Chettinad in Tamil Nadu has given India a cultural scene through its famous Chettinad style.

The traditional Kandangi sarees are woven in Karaikudi and Chettinadu locations positioned at 57kms from Sivagangai District Headquarters. Devanga and Chettiyars are the prime groups that weave Chettinad cotton sarees. Chettinad were traders during the 4th century AD and official money lenders of British people. What makes Kandangi sarees different is their heavy look and striking colours. It is a combination of multiple colour mixtures, designs, and patterns. Each motif holds an attractive narrative. The main body of the saree contains a plethora, of traditional colours like yellow, green, red, blue, maroon.

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Previously, women wore this saree around their body without a blouse or a petticoat, so the weave used to be rather thick. Also initially, it was 91 centimetres which are now 120 centimetres. Chettinad sarees are so durable that women turned them into small cradles and used them to place their infant kids in them.

Motifs & Weaving Method of Chettinad Sarees

Weavers usually weave Kandangi cotton sarees with a 60s Cotton warp and a 60s Cotton weft. Ready-made hank is accessible for the weaving process. Yarns from the hank are inserted on a swift. Yarns are wound to the pirns using charkha equipment for weaving. For making a colour pattern, weavers push the weft threads inside with a fly shuttle, and then they start weaving.

With the use of wooden planks, it becomes possible to achieve different patterns on a sari. Chettinad sari weaving involves more labour work and that too the trained workers. Weavers insert Zari patterns with a help of the yarn held by special hooks on the loom. In many saris, zari is present as the main material. Generally, to complete one Chettinad Silk sari takes around 10 days and 3 weavers on it. Chettinad weaves have won the ‘India Handloom’ tag for its unique designs in 2016.

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How to wear a Chettinad saree?

To enhance your look of Chettinad saree, you can pair it with an elegant kalamkari blouse drape this saree in different styles. In addition pair, it with oxidized jewellery, and you are good to go. Shop for certified and beautiful Chettinad Cotton Sarees with traditional motifs at the best prices from Julahaa Sarees, the Chettinad Sarees Wholesale Dealers.


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