Sarees Perfect For The Summer Of 2022

Summer is coming, are you ready for the summer fashion? Or are you still searching for sarees perfect for the summer? For those who are unaware, Summer weather begins on the summer solstice and finishes on the autumnal equinox. It occurs when the southern and northern hemispheres orient themselves opposite to each other. As a result, when it is summer in the southern hemisphere, it is winter in the northern. On the other hand, Sarees are the primary garments that the people of India have preferred for generations, and there is no substitute for them. 

Apart from designs and fabric, sarees are also categorised according to various seasons, the comfort and the availability and accessibility of some particular crops. Of all the seasons, Summer is the only season, when women across India demand the most comfortable Sarees in stock. So, here we bring you a great collection of sarees that will make your summer Weddings, festivities and celebrations both comfy and stylish.

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Sheer Sarees

You won’t believe it but the British actually brought Sheer sarees to India and gradually they have now found their way to the United States. Sheer refers to a fabric that is either pure Cotton, Silk, or synthetic, such as Rayon or Nylon. During the heat, these sarees don’t stick to the skin and constitute the most comfortable but elegant attire in the Room! It is lightweight and you can easily pair it with opaque Blouses or Laces. 

One can only fully appreciate a sheer saree’s elegance when worn in a well-balanced mix. Most Indian Fashion Designers prefer to use Sheer Fabrics because they feel it adds to the grandeur and femininity of the attire. Julaha Sarees has a great range of Sheer Silk Sarees that will serve well for your Best Friend’s upcoming Reception Party, this Summer!

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Khadi Sarees

When it comes to sarees perfect for the summer, Khadi sarees take the cake. Khadi – also known as Khaddar Fabric – is a handwoven natural fibre composed of cotton. During the summer, it is the queen of sarees. Most Influential women often flaunt Khadi Sarees in various events.

These Sarees signify Richness, Sophistication and High Self Confidence. If we look at it more factually, the fabric of a Khadi Saree is designed in a way that it stays breathable even after being opaque and soft in nature. This increases the comfort of the wearer making her/him the most confident person in the room. Women love wearing oxidized and silver bangles, chokers, earrings or necklaces with such sarees. 

When the British Boycott movement began in India, people naturally began using Khadi cloth. People rejected fall foreign goods when the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ began. This also gives the iconic Khadi Saree a reason to stand out.

Linen Sarees

Linen Sarees, known for their Breathability and Durability, are one of the oldest sarees in India. The various characteristics that make it a popular fabric are its strength which is 3 times greater than cotton and a better heat conductor than it. Linen sarees are breathable, lightweight as well as easily washable and dryable. 

Linen comes from the flax plant which requires special attention throughout its development period. A lack of fibre elasticity might make weaving difficult making it quite more expensive than other summer Fabric Sarees. It is a perfect Saree for a high-end Summer Saree Collection.

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Chiffon Sarees

A Saree that won’t feel heavy but look heavy on your body is what describes a perfect Chiffon Saree! Because of its lightweight, airiness, and transparency, Chiffon sarees are the best inexpensive option for the upcoming Summer. 

These Sarees come with a vast amount of options like Designer chiffon, Half Brasso chiffon, Printed Chiffon etc. Hence, giving tough competition to the Silk and Cotton Sarees. People wear chiffon sarees as daily wear sarees as well as at parties. You just have to add thick intriguing Zari laces on them. It is easier to get embroidered, printed, dyed and laced thus, becomes a pretty option and easier to flaunt during Summers.

Cotton Sarees

Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fibre that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants of the genus Gossypium. This fibre is the most natural one and is popular in all cultures, seasons and areas. The fabric’s microscopic hollow spaces allow it to swiftly absorb and release sweat while remaining highly breathable.

Cotton’s porous nature absorbs not only dye as well as other types of Fabric. Cotton is obviously the most popular Summer Fabric as it allows air to travel through the fibres, keeping the body cool by also soaking off the perspiration.

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Silk Sarees

Silk – the strongest natural protein fibre, mostly consisting of Fibroin and is a gleaming textile with a satin feel and a reputation for being a luxuriant fabric. Silkworms, microscopic organisms that dwell mostly on mulberry leaves, make the most common silk.

It’s also a popular choice for summer because of its hypoallergenic characteristics and natural protein structure, which allows for plenty of airflows. Since silk is a climate fabric with temperature-regulating properties, you can wear it in both Summers and Winters. The fabric absorbs the Sweat and is also opaque. Always look for Bright Silk Sarees for summers.

Chambray Sarees

Not many know this but when you’re looking for sarees perfect for the summer, Chambray sarees are just perfect. Chambray Sarees are loved by young women across India during summers as they’re 100% made up of cotton. A Crisp cotton plain-weave Fabric made with a dyed warp yarn and a white filling yarn. It projects an impression of Denim due to its plain weave with white selvage giving it enough reason to steal the hearts of women. 

The Sarees can be seen in classic neutral colours like light blue, grey and denim colours and have thread counts as high as 500. It means that they are made from thousands of thin, dense fibres. A Perfect Saree that should never leave your wardrobe especially during Summers.

Here were the best Saree options you can find this upcoming Summer and cherish them forever for their lightness, comfort and beauty.

Searching for Sarees Perfect For The Summer?

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