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Saree Swag Tips For The Year-End Celebrations

The end of the year is looming on the horizon and we are here with some excellent saree swag tips for the year-end celebrations

The last two months of the year is when people host a lot of get-togethers, end-of-the-year celebration parties and of course, weddings. 

The muhurat of all muhurats will be starting any day now and we are sure that you will be receiving a wedding invite any day now. 

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We know how stressful it can be to plan for these things. You have to select your look starting with ‘what will I wear?’ Will it be a lehenga, a gown or the good old saree? To help you out, check out our saree swag tips to slay in 2022!

Top 5 Trendiest Saree Designs of 2022!

1. Full-sleeved embroidered goodness: 

a photo of actress deepika padukone wearing black saree with full sleeved black blouse
Source: Pinterest

This year, we saw more women going for the full-sleeved blouse look than ever this year. And we have to say, it looks hella chic! The added sleeve length is every woman’s blank canvas where she can choose to display her own style. 

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2. Deep Neck Delight

This particular trend spread like wildfire across India. Instagram was flooded with pictures of women showing off their gorgeously cut deep-neck blouses paired with a floral or embroidered saree. An elegant ensemble for an elegant ambience.

3. Bling Your A-Game

When the occasion is red-carpet then you need a saree that’s red-carpet-worthy too. The sure-shot way to win the red carpet look is to up your bling. How does an elegant saree with embedded Swarovski crystals sound to you?

4. Corset Is Back

Yes but not in the way you think. Those tight, breath-blocking abominations are a thing of the past (thankfully!) but one does have to admit that a corset brings out a rather regal look in a woman. So, in 2022, corsets became a rage and people loved it immensely!

5. Winter Blues Blooms 

Don’t be fooled by a summer saree suggestion for year-end celebrations. If you want to put a twist of colour in the wintery hues of white and grey, then floral embroidered sarees are a way to go.

So, what’s it gonna be?

You have plenty of time before the year-end celebrations and weddings begin. So, make up your wishlist and get ready to invest in yourself 6-yards at a time.

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